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In Topic: Fact - Copy & Paste (replicating)

04 June 2013 - 10:03 PM

Fact copy/paste is on the Wish List.

Fact copy/paste has been on the Wish List for probably 5 years. I know I have requested it several times and I'm sure it was requested by many, many users before I started using RootsMagic (2006). I still use RM3, but will gladly updade to any version of RM that actually incorporates this feature. Until then, I'll stick with a version that works and is largely bug-free.

In Topic: New RM, Old issues

07 December 2012 - 02:30 PM

I find alansogd reply the most candid I have ever seen on these forums. But I find it frightening to think of myself as a "Power User". If I am a Power User then most of the customer base must be amoeba.! (as in the old joke about "If you had one more brain cell you would be an amoeba").

I dont use nine tenths of the RM facilities (eg research logs, internet connectivity, custom reporting, and so on) and from my reading of the Forum entries from other "Power Users" they are to a degree a bit like me; ie they have specific areas of interest and just want to see these work as originally promised, or work a bit better.

I dont think you need to be a Power User to say - "could this application remember the size and position of where I left this dialog so that next time I use it it will be in the same place on the screen and the same size". This is a basic, essential windows programming requirement.

Nor do you have to be a power user to say "I want to select and link more than one piece of multimedia at the same time", like I can do in every other windows program I run from a thousand other software vendors.

And if someone says to me "dont worry I have a better idea than an event copy and paste function called Shared Events" then I think it is reasonable that the new feature should do what a copy and paste function would have achieved OR carry a big warning notice telling me it is only a part solution so I could decide whether to use it or not.


I agree. I was once an avid supporter of Rootsmagic, but find myself still waiting for what we really want. The copy and paste fact function has been requested since the beginning of time. Genealogy becomes a time-consuming data-entry project. The focus should be on making things more efficient, not adding new features. Wake me up when all the fixes and real requests we've made over the years have been satisfied, instead of adding Internet publishing. I have TNG for that!