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Migration from Family Origins

06 May 2006 - 10:49 AM

I've only just discovered that Citations can be truncated when importing a Family Origins Database into RootsMagic. The Citation text gets created as though a Page Reference, and this is limited to 248 characters so anything longer gets chopped (without warning). The trunaction isn't at all obvious, not until you try to edit it does a message pop up telling you not to exceed 248 characters. Too late mate!

It's far too late for me to re-import; so I'll have to go through manually a Source-List-Plus-Citation Report to check for trucation, and then copy-paste the overlong Citation from my archive FO into RM's Citation Text which allows unlimited length. With 120 pages and several thousand citations to review, one is perhaps not best amused....

Anyone got any bright ideas for a smarter way?

Text formatting in Notes

05 March 2006 - 02:49 AM

I've just migrated from Family Origins to RootsMagic, so I'm still getting familiar with the new facilities. One problem I have is that when I copy'n'paste text into Person Notes or Fact Notes, the formatting from the source (e.g. WordPro/Word/Webpage) can remain and I haven't found a way to correct it in RootsMagic; this means I can end up with a very untidy looking state of affairs.

A workaround is to 'launder' the text by copy'n'paste into NotePad and then copy'n'paste from NotePad in RootsMagic, but that's not very smart. Old Family Origins didn't have this issue!