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Reports for tangled trees

27 November 2007 - 11:57 PM

If this issue has been covered previously, my apologies. My Ahnentafel and ancestor narrative reports are incomplete when the family tree involves a number of cousin (distant enough to be legit) marriages have occurred over many, say 19, generations. The correct relationships are shown in the pedigree window but not in the reports. The correct names are listed but not all of the slots are filled on the chart. The situation is handled in the cascaded pedigree charts by the "cont xx" note at the far right of a chart leading back to a previous chart number when the person was listed earlier or forward to a proper continuation sheet if needed. Is there a way to fill all the slots?

Using ShareMerge

20 February 2007 - 12:10 AM

The description of ShareMerge seems to fit my needs exactly. However, when I import and merge a modified GEDCOM back into the original there is a smattering of duplicated facts; Not a high % of all facts, but enough to be a major inconvenience. The individuals are merged OK; just duplicated facts are the issue. To check this matter, I have made several attempts, even several where no changes were made on the "modified" GEDCOM, but still the duplicates are generated when re-imported. I am using RM 2.3.4: the database contains >91,000 names. An experiment with a database of just a few names seems to work without producing duplicates.