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TreeShare: adding Ancestry Source to another fact multiplies media

21 July 2017 - 09:25 PM

Given an Ancestry Source already tagged to a fact on my Ancestry Member Tree which has been TreeShare downloaded to a new database. Add that Ancestry Source to another fact and Accept that change. TreeShare downloads the image file again and repeats its name in parentheses. Now the media folder has the same image twice with two names and the RM Media Gallery shows them both.


Do it again. This time, it appears that the image may be downloaded again but it might not. Either way, there remains the two images in the folder, "name.jpg" and "name (name).jpg". However, the Media Gallery now shows 3. That's because the MultiMediaTable has three records for the same image. For example:

MediaID MediaFile
1 40356_320214636_0045-00433.jpg
4 40356_320214636_0045-00433 (40356_320214636_0045-00433).jpg
5 40356_320214636_0045-00433 (40356_320214636_0045-00433).jpg
So citation media files are at least duplicated and, in the Media Gallery, they multiply like rabbits. And there's no Merge tool for media.

Why update iPad app to 1.3?

13 July 2017 - 09:25 PM

With reports of problems with both the iOS update to 1.3 and with the corresponding update to the Android version which I also experienced, I checked my iPad. The app still works on my old iPad 2, still downloads from DropBox even though it is running the Dec 2015 version 1.2.1 and despite not having done the update to 1.3 for the DropBox API rev. I'm wondering whether there is any merit in updating to 1.3 if it means risking breaking something.


What does seem to be different from before is that repeated RootsMagic 7.5 Save to Dropbox results in serialized files on Dropbox instead of one file whose name does not change and whose change in timestamp triggers a notice in the iPad app. Now I get no no notice and I have to manually select and download the new file and delete the old from my device.


I don't know if the multiple versions of the database file on Dropbox is a consequence of a change in the API or a change in the way RM 7.5 uses the API. I haven't made much use of it so I cannot identify when it began.

June 30 version not working on Moto G4 Play

13 July 2017 - 08:59 PM

Having read accounts of others having a problem with the RM App on Android phones since the June 30 update for a new DropBox API, I installed RM for the first time on a Moto G4 Play phone (Android 6). On launching, I get the error message that "RootsMagic has stopped working".


The app still works on my old iPad 2, still downloads from DropBox even though it is running the Dec 2015 version 1.2.1 and despite not having done the update to 1.3 for the DropBox API rev.   

Groups - Extract most everything for one to a new database

09 July 2017 - 10:16 AM

Here's a new SQLite procedure that copies just about everything and then some for one or more named groups of people in one database to a new database, perfectly and completely and without duplication. That's something you don't get from drag'n'drop nor from Export/Import. And it's something that could be integrated in RootsMagic. See the page Groups - Extract most everything for one to a new database for the full meal deal.


  • similar to other reasons to extract a subset of a database:
    • smaller, more manageable
    • for upload to a website
    • for sharing with someone
    • for a higher privacy level than for the master
  • perfect replication, unsullied by GEDCOM transformations
  • complete replication; includes related:
    • Tasks,
    • Research Logs,
    • Not a Problem List,
    • customised built-in Fact Type and Role sentences,
    • customised built-in Source Templates,
    • Addresses,
    • Repositories,
    • Correspondence,
    • File Settings,
    • Report Settings,
    • Custom Reports
    • TreeShare and FamilySearch connections
    • et al
  • copy multiple Groups (one by one) from the master to the target (provided the latter has not been edited) without duplication
  • script can be modified to expand or contract data to be copied
  • very fast

TreeShare - Rename Cryptic Filenames for Citation Media

06 July 2017 - 06:42 AM

Do you want to change the names of files downloaded from Ancestry through TreeShare from this:
to this?

See TreeShare - Rename Cryptic Filenames for Citation Media


Maybe RootsMagic will do something like it some day... (another wishlist item).