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TreeShare - random differences after download

05 February 2019 - 12:09 PM

I've just observed some puzzling differences after a TreeShare download - all having to do with Marriage or Marriage Bann events. In one case, an Ancestry Source that must have been linked to the Marriage event in the Ancestry Tree at the time of the download has become disconnected on the AMT. It is linked to the Marriage event in RM and TreeShare Compare shows no such source on the Ancestry side. Browsing Ancestry shows it still in the Sources but connected to nothing while its Marriage event is now connected to what is called an Other Sources > Unsourced Citation with no data.


Another Marriage Bann event that matches on both sides shows the 1 source each has as different and a new source for the other. But they are the same source.


There are other weird ones. 

Media Duplication - survey

05 February 2019 - 09:31 AM

I'm interested in learning the extent with which media files attached to your RootsMagic database have become duplicated over successive migrations of data between databases, TreeShare downloads and updates, WebHints acceptance, etc. It's my expectation that a database that has undergone many updates from an Ancestry Tree via TreeShare is liable to have a larger proportion of duplicate media files than one that has just been downloaded.


Please respond to this post or its sibling on Facebook with your observations of what CCleaner says about your database's media collection.  


The key settings for evaluating one or more folders and sub-folders for any or selected file types are shown in this screenshot.




Other than your subjective reaction, these numbers are of interest:

  1. From RM's File >Database Properties, the number of items in its Media Gallery.
  2. From CCleaner's analysis, the ballpark number of duplicate files in your database's media folder.


Drag'n'Drop breaking TreeShare links to Ancestry Sources

11 January 2019 - 10:06 PM

Warning TreeShare users: do not drag'n'drop from a TreeShare database to a new database if you intend to continue using TreeShare on the new database and will edit source/citations.

Editing certain fields such as the Research Note now triggers a change detection that it does not in the original; updating to the Ancestry Tree results in what was an Ancestry Source also becoming an Other Source.

Why? RM7580 (and maybe some prior updates) no longer copy the Ancestry Source links via drag'n'drop to the new database which then cannot transmit it to Ancestry so that Ancestry recognises the source as an Ancestry Source.

Tip: Posting images from Google Photos

26 August 2018 - 01:38 PM

I use Google Photos and Google Drive extensively but could never post an image from them to this forum until I discovered the trick that let me post this little one from Google Drive. It's a PNG file so I added that extension instead of JPG as in the example.
Photos Resources‎ > ‎Photos & Picasa FAQ‎ > ‎Google Photos‎ > ‎How to . . .‎ > ‎

How to get a direct link to an image (of a specific size)

TreeShare, Event Notes, Paragraphing - HTML

07 May 2018 - 12:58 PM

Take a look at this Occupation Note as displayed on Ancestry:

It has font styling (bold, italics, underline), new paragraphs, line breaks, a table AND an image. And it all came via TreeShare from the RootsMagic Occupation Note!


Cool!, you say. Too bad. It represents what could be and, at the very least, that TreeShare is NOT the problem in preserving paragraphing between the two ends. TreeShare happily passes HTML markup including the <p> new paragraph and <br> line break tags, along with a whole lot more. And the Ancestry Citation display happily renders them. The issue is that RootsMagic is not sending HTML markup in lieu of CR/LF control codes nor is it doing the reverse on receipt. It does for font markup!


It seems that RootsMagic uses or supports HTML for some things such as bold, italics and underline but not for most others, including paragraph and break. So blaming Ancestry or its API used by TreeShare for the loss of formatting is misplaced. While it would be a big deal to transform RM's editors and all its outputs to fully support HTML, it is no big deal to swap HTML tags for the current paragraph and line break control codes in a TreeShare transmission, reciprocally. If the API cannot support the control codes, then that swapping has to be done by RootsMagic.


I find it hard to believe that this has not been identified as the solution for this issue at the earliest detection of the problem. RM developers know what's in the API and what's in the application. We users are like the proverbial blind prophets describing the elephant.


Now here's what the RM Note Editor looks like for the content seen on Ancestry:



Now is the time for some good men to come to the aid of the party.

<p>{CR}<img src="https://s6.postimg.c...gic-square.png"

alt="" style="width: 90px; height: 90px;"></p>
<p>The quick brown ox<br>
jumped over the </p>
<p>lazy dog.</p>
<table border="3">
<td>Cell 1</td>
<td style="background-color: #66ffff;">Cell 2</td>
<td>Cell 3</td>
<td>Cell 4</td>

   ... and here's what comes back via TreeShare:



Now is the time for some good men to come to the aid of the party. <p>{CR}<img src="https://s6.postimg.c...gic-square.png"alt="" style="width: 90px; height: 90px;"></p> <p>The quick brown ox<br> jumped over the </p> <p></p> <p>lazy dog.</p> <p></p> <table border="3"> <tbody> <tr> <td>Cell 1</td> <td style="background-color: #66ffff;">Cell 2</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Cell 3</td> <td>Cell 4</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

...stripped of the linefeeds but the HTML paragraph and break tags are intact. A regular expression search and replace on receipt could readily convert them to RM's control codes.


The image is on an online image host because neither editor supports the embedding of image files in a Note but it is possible that they could be so developed.


I initially hand-coded the little table but when it came time to try an image, I copied the content from the RM note editor over to the (free) BlueGriffon web page editor to add the image and colour a table cell. It's both a WYSIWYG and HTML code editor and easy to use. Then I copied what it had between the <body> and </body> tags back to the RM editor.