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In Topic: Could not bind socket

27 May 2018 - 10:25 PM


In Topic: Could not bind socket

27 May 2018 - 01:00 PM

Reboot modem and router as well.

In Topic: Drag and Drop no longer working

17 February 2018 - 04:18 PM

Just stop and start the Windows Update Service at your discretion.

In Topic: Slow to Load - Roots Magic Explorer

04 October 2017 - 11:53 PM

  • Try exporting your file, then importing to a new file.
  • Try splitting your file.  If one part is problem-free and the other is problematic, continue splitting until you reduce the problematic part to a small segment with a manageable number of records that you can inspect one-by-one for anything out of the ordinary.

In Topic: history of Family Origins 3.0

28 August 2017 - 08:16 PM



Converting from Family Origins to RootsMagic


1. Do "File > Search for files" from the RootsMagic menu.

2. Then change from "RootsMagic files" to "Family Origins files" and click "Begin searching". RM will list all Family Origins databases on your hard drive.

3. Highlight the one you want and click "Open".

4. RM will then ask you to enter a name for the RootsMagic database you are creating and will import the Family Origins data into it.


RootsMagic 4 (and later versions) will only import a Family Origins (version 4 or later) database file. 

We no longer provide conversion services on Family Origins version 1-3 files. We do provide tools for you to convert the files yourself at the link below.









Family Origins version 1-3 Conversion Tools


We no longer provides conversion services on Family Origins version 1-3 files. This is because, none of our computers will run the old Family Origins conversion tools anymore.

If you want to try using the conversion tools on an older computer, we have uploaded a zip file with the conversion tools at: http://www.rootsmagi...onvertTools.zip

These are DOS programs (and an old 16 bit Windows 3.1 program) we wrote years ago.

There is a readme.txt file included in the zip, it has minimal info about how to use these tools. You will need to unzip these files into a folder on your computer in order to read the readme file. Since we have no computer to run these tools we can not write up complete steps for the process. You will need some pretty good computers skills in order to use these tools.

You can email us at convert@rootsmagic.com with any questions you may have about the programs in these files. We will update the readme file base on your question so it will help others.