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RM thinks photos are videos

11 March 2007 - 12:03 PM

I have some photos that show up as a monitor screen, in the Multimedia dialog box. If I double click the monitor, my image viewing program starts up and shows the photo (a JPG or whatever). If I open the properties dialog, the top left field says "Type of scrapbook item: Video clip", but it's greyed out so I can't change it to "Photo/Image".

I don't know how it happened that these photos were classified as videos. Not all of them are. Is there any easy way to get RM to reclassify them as photos, or is it a matter of delete and then add?

Merging duplicates can double up some facts

09 February 2007 - 06:55 AM

In a previous post, Alfred wrote:

You can replace:
1 SEX M<return>

1 SEX M<return>
1 EVEN Benson<return>
2 TYPE Family Line<return>

to add a fact to everyone in a ged file which contained all the descendants of an ancestor.

So I used this technique, then imported the ged file back. Then I used Tools/Merge/Automatic merges, and left all boxes ticked.

Then, to compare before and after, I exported this as a gedcom file, and compared it with the previous one, the one I edited to give every body the new fact. The new facts were in a different order - just irritating when you're comparing a large file for other differences. BUT, some other facts had been duplicated. Some Notes facts, but not all, and an Alternate Name fact (I think there's only one in my database). Using RM to view the people concerned in the updated database, the facts had indeed been duplicated, though the people were merged.

I tried again using Duplicate search / merge and merged just the person with the Alternate Name. Looking at him directly in RM, he had the Alternate Name fact twice, again, with the same value.

Is this a known problem, or did I do something wrong?

Also, is there an easier way to compare two RootsMagic databases?

Splitting an RM database into four

31 January 2007 - 11:29 AM

I have had a request for information from my RootsMagic database from a cousin on my father's side. She only wants the stuff on my fathers side, plus my mother herself, as my father's wife, and similarly my wife. The slickest way I can find is (on a COPY of my DB!) to disconnect my mother from her parents, my wife from hers, and then drag myself over to a new DB, specifying "whole tree". And then create a CD from that.

Then a second cousin on my mother's side wants the info from my mother's side, and my wife's sister wants her stuff. And I can do the same thing, but if I update the DB and want to send out an updated CD I have to do it again.

It would be much easier to split my DB into four in the first place. But then my wife and I would be at the bottom of all four trees. Any updates to us and I have to enter it four times. So I can put just my wife and myself (and children if we had any) into a fifth DB. But then I have no parents and no sister, from my DB, and my father has no from his DB, etc. I really need a way of linking from one DB to another, a hyperlink, in fact.

I haven't found a way of doing this. I'm sure this is a well known problem. What do other people do?

And is there a slicker way of splitting off one family than the one I mentioned at the start?