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Personal Historian & Family Atlas survival outside Rootsmagic?

23 September 2018 - 12:20 PM

This further discussion has been brought about by a post by sandrabartman, so how do others see the continuation of Personal Historian and Family Atlas as separate programs outside of Rootsmagic?

Whilst Genealogy might be defined as the core purpose of Rootsmagic, Family History encompasses the publishing of quality reports and the mapping of family events. Whilst I am consumed by accurate mapping of communities and their movement I have not purchased Family Atlas as it is standalone and has no reverse interaction with the RM database, same with Personal Historian if I am not mistaken.

Family atlas seems a very competent program encompassing many wishes I have made for RM but I would not like to see the development of those areas within RM hindered by the fact they are in a companion program. It also seems from posts that Family Atlas development has been stalled since 2009 but despite that it can export to Google Earth and display timeline events through a date slicer and also has a pane for the facts associated with selected place.

Personally I would like to see the full features of PH and FA available in one deluxe program and also willing to pay extra for that program. I don't believe my dislike for fragmentation within a common project and data set is unique, jumping back and forward to achieve a reasonable related goal is not logical imo.

I wonder how others feel, I know there has been discussion before on an experts version of RM and I would never expect RM to provide all that functionality and quality for a $20 upgrade fee.

Rootsmagic apparent popularity

18 September 2018 - 06:16 PM

Just a straw pole and I'm not on the Rootsmagic FB Group to post but I was interested to come across the post below asking for software recommendations on another FB Group. I scanned down through the comments and would have expected Rootsmagic to be scoring higher in the general user feedback comments.


User Feedback on standalone Genealogy software



Provide Sort Options for Individual List Report

12 September 2018 - 08:29 AM

I use Individual List report quite a lot for gathering individuals with any fact containing specific Place or Place Detail geographic conditions, maybe given name and timeframe.


Lack of sorting options is one current deficiency which could be easily overcome making this report much more useful within RM rather than needing to reach for outside solutions.


Current sorting is by Surname > Given Name > Birth Date, I would like to have the options to sort by Given Name > Surname > Birth Date, Given Name > Birth Date and simply Birth Date.

Produce Linked HTML style reports within Report Viewer

12 September 2018 - 07:57 AM

I would like to see Rootsmagic 8 produce HTML style linked reports within the program to aid examination and reconciliation of individuals where the link would be to Edit Individual.


I thought I would post this as I often create Individual Lists selected by data fields where Surname Sounds Like xxxx and Any Fact Place or Place Details Contains etc. but I hate the page breaks in the current report viewer. What I do to overcome the page breaks is save as HTML (I could also do the same as txt for Notepad) which is great for viewing continuity but I am now completely outside the control of the RM program.


I know LIVE reports have been wished for over many years but I just wanted to take this opportunity to reassert how beneficial I believe this would be for various reports and data mining.

Find EveryWhere - Add Option for Named Group Creation

05 September 2018 - 01:51 PM

The Find Everywhere feature has many positives but also some negatives in it's present form imo. One of those negatives is the inability to move directly to the focus person to examine and edit in many cases where maybe a Place or Source is the subject of the find.


Say for example I search for "Eikenboom" which is primarily a name of Dutch origin, I may find references in People, Sources and maybe Notes where the name is mentioned in a will or obituary, these would all valid for further research and comparison, other entries may not be so valid so I would not wish to consider these further.


I would like to see a checkbox selection added to the Find EveryWhere results report where I could select those entries of interest to either add them to an existing Named Group or Create a new Named Group, repeated Find EveryWhere search selections would be cumulative to the area of interest.