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NameClean Problems and Observations

02 April 2018 - 07:21 AM

I've always been aware of several quirks in NameClean and, of course there will likely be more worth highlighting for development with other internation name styles. So I decided to take some time to illustrate these quirks and also make a few observations so this valuable utility can be improved in the future.


All these problems were exhibited through single selection of rules, when multiple selections are made the logic gets a bit more confused presenting funny results.









And a few observations of very useful existing functionality;




RM Explorer - Add Right Click QuickGroups functionality

13 March 2018 - 05:52 PM

Please add right click QuickGroups functionality to the RM explorer screen, I know I can click Edit and add there but that just involves extra time and clicks.


RM Explorer is my preferred screen for data mining and manually scanning for possible duplicates, this is due to both birth and death being available in the left pane and full details being displayed in the right pane therefore enabling me to identify individuals for follow up research and possible duplicates.

RM Explorer - Add Right Click Merge functionality

13 March 2018 - 05:37 PM

After quite a hiatus I am back to working on my RM data collection with new vigor.


Finding and merging duplicate individuals is always a challenge worth doing and where Duplicate Search Merge doesn't catch them I prefer to scour through the database using RM Explorer rather than the Index pane. This is because both birth and death date are visible in RM Explorer and the detail pane is visible to display all person details to enable educated matching.


The problem is there is no right click functionality in RM explorer to merge individuals identified as matches, please ADD this functionality, it makes perfect sense for it to be part of RM Explorer.

NameClean - Display Rec#, Add to Group option, Alt Name Married

05 March 2018 - 01:33 PM

I was using NameClean recently on a file where many females shared the husbands surname, the Rootsmagic option was to simply delete this surname. Various things I wanted to do were not available from the NameClean UI so I thought I would add them here for the enhancement tracker as making data correct is a big drive for me.


1. Creating an Alternate Name "Married" fact would seem to be the desired solution for most records where the wife shares the husbands surname, please add this option.


2. Without being able to enter the Edit Person screen I can not be sure if this data is correct or not, Add option for more details to verify data.


3. The option to add the selected individuals to a Named Group would also be beneficial for later clean up and verification.


4. Individuals Record Number is not visible on this UI, please add it.


RM Explorer - restrict to scope of selected Named Group

02 March 2018 - 01:02 PM

With the lack of practicality for displaying family events on People View and the need for constant reconfiguration of columns I would like to see the following to aid data mining and cleaning.


When I have a Named Group selected in sidebar and open RM Explorer I would like to have the scope of RM Explorer restricted to only those individuals in the Named Group. After building a Named Group on very specific conditions this would help greatly in scanning through the records for duplication of facts, lack of quality and possible duplicate individuals not being reported by Duplicate Search Merge.


In a perfect world each Named Group should have a defined People View configuration opened as an additional tab like a worksheet in Excel or the like but this still falls short of the need to display family or multiple events.