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ADD Individual Detailed COMPARE VIEW facility

09 August 2018 - 01:37 PM

I made a previous wish before here for the Duplicate Search Merge side by side comparison view to include more details something similar to the Timeline View. On a separate thread again concerning the comparison of potential duplicate persons Renee made a good point regarding the viewing of family information here. However with the current single sort column on People View such workarounds are not always so easy especially when you are comparing a long list of possible John Doe duplicates trying to identify possible matches.


I believe a valuable enhancement would be adding the ability to select numerous persons via checkbox selection (or other) on People View or Rootsmagic Explorer and then offer a COMPARE feature where all family events similar to what Timeline View presents could be viewed side by side. It's obvious that providing Merge facilities to such a COMPARE utility would have to be added but this would save scrolling up and down viewing potential duplicates and remembering their record numbers. It is also obvious that the number of comparison views will effectively be limited by the effectice screen size of the user but 3 should be viable on most screen resolutions and larger screen users will benefit being able to display more. At present any such two individuals can be selected for Merge to see a limited detail side by side view but again scrolling about to remember which was which is a time waster imo.


So the enhancement request is to allow Multi Select of persons of interest and a COMPARE button to enter the detailed comparison view(s)

Surname Search does not exclude Surname Married

06 August 2018 - 06:59 AM

When searching for Surname as opposed to Surname (Birth or Marr) the search results still include Alternate Name 'Married', in other words searching for Surname does not only search on Primary Name but also searches Alternate Names.



Add Search Condition 'Begins With'

06 August 2018 - 05:04 AM

Various web sites I use allow the specific condition 'Begins With' other allow wildcards where you could look for 'Meg*' however with Rootsmagic my only simple option is Soundex or Contains or more long winded criteria excluding less than and greater than. However soundex codes are not always the same for Surnames and often another name can contain the Contains characters elsewhere in an unrelated name.


Please add a search criteria of Begins With which is not only simple but self explanatory and more obvious to those who find combining search criteria slightly confusing.



People View - ADD Father & Mother Name selection

31 July 2018 - 03:47 AM

I am well aware family events are not available on People View but I would find it very beneficial towards reconciling dead ends if at least Father Name was available for inclusion.


Both Father and Mother Name is available for inclusion in Custom Reports and presently I need to move out to Excel to achieve something which imo should be possible within Rootsmagic.



Add Side by Side Timeline Views for Duplicate Search Merge

20 July 2018 - 02:40 PM

Problem: Merge UI shows insufficient information to make informed merge even when using the Edit button to see further detail.


I have been working a lot with Duplicate Search Merge recently trying to resolve those most distant relatives where I often only have the fathers name and occupation and no proved regional information with the exception of a childs life event. How I tried to overcome this to so far was by having an Event called "Known Fact" where the date of child marriage or birth and place would be entered and then the description would read "son (Robert) married", this has provided me with additional event and geographic information to help my resolution process.


Timeline view overcomes that need on screen and I have been thinking of removing my Known Fact sanity check event from my database but the benefit within merging duplicates is still valuable, so no.


That got me thinking that Two mini Timeline Views side by side would be a much enhanced and informative merge UI display where all pertinent information including geographics and life events pertaining to the potential duplicates could be viewed and compared in detail so please consider this enhancement request. This would not only display much needed additional information but also negate the time consuming need for me to enter my Known Fact sanity check information for each distant relative.


The wishes for the indication of Notes, Sources and Media have already been put forward previously but I always find a lacking of information when trying to use these merge utilities so improvements are much needed.