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Today, 09:20 AM

If it exists, where is it?


Also, when you start to type a place, a drop down menu lists some possible places but only so many of them.  Often you have to type almost the whole place before it pops up the next batch of possible places.  Why not show ALL the possibles on the pop up.


You can also use Search&Replace on Places


Going by your comment regarding having to type almost all the Place to see what you want in the predictive list; this predictive list is derived from Places you have already entered yourself so it would sound like you have many similar textual entries. I would suggest going to Lists > Place List and merging your duplicates first and keeping your Place resource clean and absent from duplication, also from the Place List you can edit the Places to whatever personal format you choose.


This is mostly documented in the Help File, click on it and in the Contents select Working with Places to learn more about how to manage your Places, personally I believe accurate locations are one of the most important research elements so well worth the effort to have a concise understandable list without duplication.

In Topic: Useful to me

Yesterday, 06:55 AM

Useful to me would be,


Ability to easily strip the ,USA off of the places.  Don't need it, don't want it.


When you right click and choose ADD CHILD you get a pop up.  It would be darn handy to not only be able to input the child on that screen but their spouse, if any, also.


The ability already exists although most international genealogists would prefer Country to be included for clarity reasons.

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16 August 2019 - 08:53 AM

Yes, I have tried Macfamilytree, and also Heredis, and iFamily, and came to RM from Reunion.


All had their pros and cons (what program doesn't?),


The one that listens intently to their users and responds in a timely manner ;)

In Topic: Management of Certificates

14 August 2019 - 05:32 PM

Hi All,

I hope I'm not asking a stupid question but I would really love a feature that would allow me to mark a specific fact about a person if I have an accompanying certificate in that person's media folder. For example, if I already have a copy of the death certificate for the person then I would like to record that in order that I can create reports showing what certificates I still need to find. Hope this makes sense.




There are many current restrictions to the Find criteria that many are hoping will be overcome in version 8.


For example you can search for Death > Source > Exists but not Death > Media > Exists which would effectively close your gap. However whilst the fact is presently the most logical place to attach the media documentation from a perspective of visibility whilst working many would argue quite rightly that the registration is a Source document and should therefore be attached to the Source Citation. The problem in doing that is the existance of the registration document is no longer obvious in the current build RM interface, we don't know at present what changes may occur in RM8.


best wishes from Norn Iron ;)

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13 August 2019 - 10:20 AM

Not that I plan to forgo a relational database altogether, but this situation has demonstrated rather clearly the risks of "hitching ones wagon to a particular horse".


We all need to be careful about choosing that horse and we all want a fit and dependable one to help us achieve our goals, that includes me as a 20+ year user.


The blog snippet I mentioned is copied below;


"So where are we today?  And what does the future hold for RootsMagic?

When we started this blog years ago, the main purpose was to give a sneak

preview of our soon to be released RootsMagic 4, and for the next little while

we’re going back to those roots to give you a peek at RootsMagic 8.

Of course everyone wants to know what new features will be in version 8

(we all like new features).  And while we’ll have new features, let me just

say that  RootsMagic 8 is being designed with our current users in mind,

simplifying existing functionality, reducing “clickiness”, and other

improvements requested by users.  Underlying code is being redesigned

to provide us with a framework for additional functionality in the years to come.

So stayed tuned to this blog as we begin to unveil the most exciting version of RootsMagic ever."