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In Topic: Struggling with Database Clean-up

16 January 2019 - 08:30 AM

No, No, No. Sorry.


Age old problems and little help from Rootsmagic over the years.


The problem with outsourcing a solution is that you would have to clealy define exactly what you want.


If I were tackling this problem I would combine everything into one NEW reference database and firstly run all Rootsmagics Auto Merges (check the file properties before and after), I would then work to make events, repositories exactly the same in all respects and then try an Export to Gedcom followed by an Import into another NEW file of a different name and see what Rootsmagic cleans up.


Cleaning the Place List is one important area as any slight differences even in punctuation will result in duplication.


I noticed some missing partners on my database recently and knew they were somewhere, I decided to combine all the gedcom files and split RM databases I have received over the years into one file. The combined file had more 1.3 million individuals and I ran all automatic merges (I trust this process) It was running on my laptop (disconnected from the internet so Microsoft couldn't disturb it with an update) and the process took 9 days to complete. The result was a file with 156K individuals which I keep to the side for reference and dragging and dropping, the file has loads of event and place duplication but if I find a missing spouse which I feen should be there I know it will that combined reference file.

In Topic: Marriage in “people” tab.

16 January 2019 - 04:34 AM

Wonderful !!!!


As Jerry said, I wouldn't get too excited, many valid wishes have been on the enhancement request list for numerous years and never fulfilled. I thought the PRINT button being missing from the Place Details window was an oversight 10 years ago and such a simple thing would be quickly rectified but no. Going beyond that producing a flat non active report is so last century anyway, user expectations have moved on considerably and other programs have moved on with them.


Try searching this forum for "enhancement request list" with the quotation marks....


Other software offerings show what has been accepted by the vendors as valid wishes and allow other users to vote for them therefore showing their endorsement and user popularity, bit like LIKES on Facebook.

In Topic: Renaming scanned files or not?

16 January 2019 - 04:23 AM


OMG! Thank you for the video!!!! I could not figure out what I was missing when renaming a media item.  Now I know!  Been stuck on this for several days!  [BTW, love the accent!].


Thank you and glad you got something from the video, the day was not wasted.....

In Topic: Marriage in “people” tab.

13 January 2019 - 10:27 AM

Looking in Vyger post I am struggling with an estimated date of birth or death. Writing c. 1728 makes it readable but when I use polish word it makes it immediately as mistake and field becomes yellow. And as a result date doesn't show up on the list of people (on left side of the screen)


Could you please make it universal for all languages and when letters are there read the year and whatever is before.


Hi Krzysztof,


Out of interest how would you record this in Polish?


The C. is an abbreviation for "Circa" which is from the latin, in Rootsmagic I prefix with "Abt" but it will also accept "C." and change it to "Ca" still meaning "about"


The screenshot I posted is simply from another program, the date is still approximate for they display it in a slightly different format than RM does.



In Topic: Husband takes name of spouse

13 January 2019 - 10:05 AM

I am constantly reminded by some of my Scottish relatives that it has been common in Scotland for married women to keep their maiden name, however I have to say I have not found it so common 'in the records' except for widows who often  revert to maiden name and headstones sometimes show the wife by their maiden name. Perhaps the practice varies by area but I wouldn't ignore it when searching in Scotland.


I'm not aware of that as common but it could have been in some particular areas, you likely know it was common for the Scots to use a Surname as a forename in children like Crawford, Finlay, Cameron, Farquhar etc. which can sometimes suggest clues, this also became common in stonngly Presbyterian areas of County Antrim due to migration.


I think the point here is Rootsmagic is a world program and must strive to recognize world cultures and naming conventions of people and places, a journey I believe and hope the company is on.