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In Topic: Has the forum been closed?

10 January 2021 - 04:15 PM


No, that is false. It is your site vyger.co.uk where you hosted your images that is gone or suspended. The image links in your posts now forward to http://123-reg-suspe...cbe2c9c456661d6



You are quite the sleuth Tom, they told me they would be deleted so I made sure I dragged them back to my computer, will look into those links more tomorrow.

In Topic: Has the forum been closed?

09 January 2021 - 02:53 PM

(I’d still like to SEE that elusive invisible “enhancement request list” Renee always defers to.)


I know you won’t miss me, but you probably will, the many like me.

Any business who does not miss their customers will not be in business for very long and the mass exodus stated here is only the tip of the iceberg imo, It's easy to lose customers and supporters like you, I and the many others who have declared the throwing in of the towel, but it's a completely different and tougher challenge to try and win them and their support back after completely dismissing their needs.


All my images have now been removed from these Rootsmagic forums ad the company have declared the archiving of it in the near future so for now the link below is as close as you will get to that elusive and largely unfulfilled list which will be erased from history in the very near future, but then we just take our inspirations, visions and ideas to another provider and invest in their product. Que Sera Sera.


Enhancement Request List

In Topic: Support for RM 7

07 January 2021 - 02:26 PM

I appreciate your response and the many, many ways you've supported this forum.


Thank you, we have had some productive discussions on this forum through the years, although they may not have come to much I believe we have all gained a little and maybe lost a little hair :D .


RM has said they are archiving this forum, I guess for their benefit and not ours, just a heads up that I will be changing my hosting in the next few weeks so all my images will likely disappear and in light of the forum being closed I would see no point in taking time to renew the links.


It's been a pleasure working with you all even if we did not always agree, I'm over on the non RM moderated forum if anyone has not made the switch yet.

In Topic: Support for RM 7

06 January 2021 - 02:08 PM


Vyger, asking to learn, not to argue.  Whey do you use four different genealogy programs?  I find it time consuming to keep trees up to date on Ancestry, FTDNA and FamilySearch, and you've got all those programs in addition!  Are there particular features in each that make them must-use?  How do you keep them in synch?
thanks, Jim


I demonstrated to Rootsmagic on 14 Jan 2019 (2 years ago) by private video the things I was finding most difficult in RM7 but were facilitated in Family Historian v6 in an effort to provide user feedback and aid general development. I found myself being tempted away by these features except my 20+ years of loyalty really left me sincerely wishing RM could fill these gaps once and for all. I'm not sure you are involved in the RM8 preview which I am trying to help with but some of those issues I highlighted have been addressed in a matter of fashion. The filtering of Lists like People View, Index, Place List has definitely been addressed but many other shortcomings have not thus far, but remember RM8 is pre release software, it has been declared some features are blocked in the preview version and RM8 is not yet market ready.


For the record Family Historian V6 was released around a year after RM7 and Family Historian V7 has just been released, they make no attempt to provide a Mac version and also do not facilitate Ancestry share. Family Historian is much more expensive than RM, I often wished RM would hike the price and bring in some programming help, we hear the price will rise but as yet we have not seen the figure.


Whilst I have access to the features of those programs I would only use FTM and Legacy very occasionally for certain one shot display purposes, bit like a genealogy viewer/analyzer I do not strive to keep them updated. Family Historian has become my main program, personally I find it superior in terms of mapping, data mining and speed of use, the Ancestry style "All Relatives Diagram" is something I never expected RM to come close to but once used becomes almost the must-use you referred to at least for me, Heredis 21 has a similar feature although I have not trialed it yet. Another feature which is common with most modern packages is the facility of geocoding by highlighting or dragging to the map, I understand RM8 Mapping is still being developed but any attempt at such a now common place feature is not evident in the current build which still relies on the inaccurate and incomplete Gazetteer look up, even the FS site is more up to date.


I am treading carefully here as this is still a Rootsmagic board, they can moderate posts on FB and also delete posts here, I want to answer your question yet I do not want to appear to be criticizing RM8 which I say again is PRE release software and not fully complete. As regards the video I referred to I viewed it again only a few nights ago but it was intended as a private visual message to RM development and it would not be right to share it here, there are videos on Youtube if you search. As I said I am trying to help RM at present but I will doubtless make some comparison videos maybe 6 months after RM release and publish them to Youtube to compare the two programs, remember everyone has different needs, styles and preferences.


Bottom line is my personal research is demanding and FH fills my needs better at this point in time, exchanging gedcom between FH and RM is pretty lossless so I still use RM to maintain my Place Details database and manage Tasks. I have to say that RM8 does not currently plot Place Details in Mapping and neither does it allow highlighting a Place and plotting all the Place Details within the Place so in the pre release version these are negatives and we must wait and see what evolves.


My personal preference would be to use ONLY one piece of genealogy software, I'm sure we would mostly be the same, that program does not exist for me but FH comes pretty close.

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05 January 2021 - 01:38 PM

Nope, nope, noppity, nope, nope. Facebook is a tangled mess and has no effective organization.


Bad, bad idea to drop  the forums.


It's really not difficult to add images to these forums, perhaps some users just need better guidance. I've posted a few times about the process. Something like that should be pinned to the top of the active forums.


My gut tells me images are not the real reason.