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In Topic: Citing US Census Records Found on FamilySearch

21 May 2017 - 07:12 AM

Hi jseymour84,


This is a little bit different than your original question, but it is something that I wish I knew earlier.


RootsMagic 7 now has Web Tags (a button at the top of the Edit Person screen). You can link the web address of the census record that you are looking at to everyone in the family group. Then you will be able to revisit the copy of the census you referenced with one click.


I have used RM for a long time, and my census citations are inconsistent because the way that I access census data has changed (yes, some of my citations date back to the time that you actually went to an archives and looked at the page on microfilm).  So I won't give advice about the best way to create those citations. And I am NOT recommending that you skip the citations and only use web tags!  Web sites disappear even more frequently than microfilm crumbles.


Also, I don't know how these web tags export (more experienced users encouraged to chime in), but when you are just starting work on a family line, you use census data a lot.  It will be nice to have a single click to verify that I copied spellings and dates correctly.


Best regards,


Peggy Mosinger Freedman





In Topic: Removing File From iPad App

27 June 2016 - 07:54 AM

I have a similar question -

I am trying to create more space on my iPad.  I have added several RM databases that I no longer need on the iPad.  I use Dropbox to add files.


How do I delete old RM databases from the iPad device?




Peggy Freedman