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Historical Preservation

09 March 2005 - 02:44 PM

ELDRED, PA - All traces of a dilapidated log cabin in McKean Co., Pennsylvania are about to be buried by the railroad, whose right-of-way is where it stands. My 3ggrandfather built this cabin in 1820 and raised three children there until building the house across the way in 1830. I am looking for information on how and where to obtain funding, sponsorship, and archaeological assistance in order to properly dig up the site, remove the remains, and relocate and reconstruct the cabin to its original condition. The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission has public funding available for such a project, but it is a long approval process and can only be initiated by a society, museum, college/university or foundation. Private funding is also possible. I have contacted a local historical museum, university and several local historical societies, and offered them first choice on artifacts and the reconstructed log cabin, but prior commitments, limited resources, and all-volunteer staffs prevent their participation. I have also contacted known family in the area, but have had no response. I have been given a short amount of time to produce a proposal and present it to the railroad in order to halt their construction until the relocation can be accomplished. Any specific direction or help would be greatly appreciated.

Self Viewing Rootmagic

03 May 2004 - 11:03 PM

Compiling and publishing printed family histories is a time consuming and expensive undertaking. Small minimum orders are very expensive. I know, I have published several. After the minimum order is gone, there are always requests for one-sy, two-sies. What if there was a self-viewing, read-only RootMagic program allowing a single default database that could be put on a CD and sent to relatives. This relative would be the root person. An autorun file would bring up the root person's family. They can view pedigree and family group sheets using the arrow key or mouse, display any report or list, calculate relationships, and do everything that we can, but with only the one default database we have given them; with no import, export, backup, edit, add, or other update capability. They could create and print their own family history. Maybe they could even have access to rootsmagic.com and the message board and the ability to purchase RootsMagic for themselves - a good marketing tool, eh?

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