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Pasting text from email into Notes and Research Notes

28 October 2019 - 07:53 AM

I have already gone to Tools>Program Options and have checkmarked "Use plain text when pasting to notes."


Pasting text from forwarded Gmail messages used to work fine. There were hard returns in the appropriate places. Something changed recently and now pasting doesn't work. 


Instead of a nicely pasted email message with hard returns, the To, From, Subject, Date areas and the message itself is bunched up into one mess in RootsMagic when I paste from Gmail. 


I've found that by copy/pasting the body of the email into Notes/Research Notes will include hard returns. But then I have to go back to the email, hit Forward, copy the heading info (To, From, Subject, Date), paste into Roots and create hard returns manually. 


What changed? Why doesn't pasting work correctly anymore? 



Using RM on Windows 10 Home

Gmail, Chrome Browser (latest version)