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IGI Quick Search

30 December 2005 - 06:03 PM

Is there any way to configure the IGI Quicksearch feature to start in a selected country? It drives me mad to have to do a Quicksearch for North America, then change to Norway and do another!!

The IGI Search and QuickSearch features should remember the last country search by the user, and then default to that until it changes. I

Ornulf Schomer

Aargh - needs administrative rights to register

18 October 2005 - 05:43 AM

Just downloaded the upgrade to RM3 - installation just fine - but in order for the program to remember my registration key I had to ONCE run the program with administrative rights - that is really a bummer.

RM3 probably has got a key under HKLM that it writes to when it is registered - the setup program have to be run with administrative rights - why cant the setup program modify the ACL on that key while its at it?

After all - I wouldnt want to run my computer as an administrator on a daily basis.