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Relationship Not Showing

27 May 2009 - 07:46 PM

Not sure if I can explain this right........

Starting with me as Root person, I was following my grandparents as far as possible, using the identifier at bottom left of pedigree screen (or family screen or descendant screen). I have one line which goes to 9th great grandfather. Another line SHOULD show also show 9th greats..... But when I reach 6th great grandfather, it suddenly doesn't show his relation to me. 7th, 8th and 9th of that line also don't show relation.

I first thought it was something wrong with the records, so did some other testing. There are others that also refuse to identify themselves smile.gif One is in a different line and should show 4th great grandfather. His wife does show up as 4th great grandmother.

If it is a display only problem, that is fine. The people are well and truly attached, but just forget who they are in relation to me.

And if this sounds as confusing as I think it does, <sigh> let me know and I'll try to explain again. Could even produce a print screen if needed.

I did uninstall RM4 and reinstalled 4.0.1 and situation is the same. Have now reinstalled current upgrade.

Edited to say I was back in RM3 and discovered same situation with same person (people). There, I am shown 'F1 for Help' and 'Double click to edit person' ...... So this indicates a data problem? I am not seeing any problem, but all suggestions welcome. smile.gif