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Better handling of URLs in Sources

08 December 2020 - 03:03 PM

Many sources these days contain a link to a web-based source such as Family Search, Ancestry, Find-a-Grave, etc etc etc.

What if these URLs could be pulled out of a more general text field and stored in their own field?

That "pulling out" might be possible to do automagically if the URL is well-structured, but even if not then manual cut and paste is OK.

Once it is in a separate field then 2 further processing options are opened up:

1 - when looking at a source for some event this field can become clickable to open up the URL in a new browser window

2 - a database validation tool could test every single URL in the database to make sure it still connects to "something", not a broken / dead link, providing a list of broken links for the user to fix.

Optional Location in Relationship Chart

26 July 2020 - 12:43 PM

When I generate a Relationship Chart between 2 people the most information I can get on it is the names and dates.


I'd like the ability to add locations - even though it makes each box bigger. Maybe just the location of the Marriage (if there was one, if it is known). I just want some way to provide an indicator of where that ancestor lived for at least one point in their life so that as I go back 6 generations to our common ancestor I can see how they moved around and when the 2 branches may have been distanced and lost touch.


If you don't want to do it, then make the RTF that is generated a little easier to edit and I can do it for myself.

Suggestion: include location in the list of places to attach a source

26 July 2020 - 12:32 PM

When you are adding a Source from FTFS to RM7 you get a dialog titled "What do you want to do with this FamilySearch Source?". 


If you want to add the source (the default action) you are presented with a list of events in the RM7 person that you can attach this source to.


Each event in the list is presented as a checkbox, an event name and the associated event date.


I have cases where the same event and date could have happened in more than one place - for example a marriage recorded in 2 different communities. They get registered in each marriage register on the same date and therefore there are 2 sources. One source says it happened in place A and the other in place B. It is often not easy/possible to know which one had the actual marriage performed first and which is just a recording of the event. I usually put both of them as marriage events for the couple and tag each marriage event with the relevant source record.


But when looking at this dialog it just shows event and date but NOT the place, so I have a 50/50 chance of picking the right one to attach the source to and I always need to go back and edit the person to make sure I have the right source on the right event.


Please show the location after the date in this checkbox list.

Why does FS think there is new information?

13 March 2020 - 01:56 PM

I left the Family Search Central panel open for a while and it went and collected the list of my people who are linked to Family Search and for whom it thinks there is new information. Then I go look at that list to see what info I want to update / correct.


But here's the thing. MANY of those people in the list have nothing new about them, nothing at all. A simple example had a person with only a name, gender, birth date and parents. In the screen where my person's info and the FamilySearch person's info are compared, everything is green meaning (as far as I know) that the information is identical. Maybe it's the sources that are new? Nope, the tab at the top says Sources(0) so there are no Sources in FS that could have changed.


It's not just one person. Happens to me A LOT. and that wastes a lot of time Why does this happen?