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Groups in Places list

13 November 2017 - 10:51 AM

I have some Named Groups built. I want to generate the Places (with events) list, but limit it to JUST the people that are in a particular group. The idea is to see the "geography" where that group lived. I can't see a straightforward way to do that ... is there some trick?

Sources do not load

19 October 2017 - 06:05 PM

I have a person who is matched and RM says there is something new for her so I go to look.

I click on the Sources tab which says (1) on it.

Both the RM Sources and the FS Sources say "Loading...." and it has been that way for 10 minutes.

I've seen this before. The screen is not frozen, I can go back to Share data tab.

But when I come back to Sources (1) it is still saying that it's loading.

The only way I've found to get out of it is to Close the window (button at bottom right corner).

If I go back in to the What's New list of people with changes, this person is gone from the list because I tried to work on her.

Don't import empty events

08 October 2017 - 12:41 PM

I'm working with Family Search, finding matches and importing into RM some information that's on FS.


Many of the records I find on FS have a Death record with no date, no place, no notes and no sources - just a bare fact that the person is dead. Since they were born in the 1800's that's a pretty good guess (though there is no source provided).


So when I import that person in RM, I get an empty Death event. I'd rather not get that. Once I find some death date or place or note then I'll add the death info and attribute it with a source.


I think for people for whom we only have a marriage record we can assume they were born ... but that doesn't mean it makes any sense to add an empty Birth event!


Can we make it either a revised feature of RM, or at least option when connected to FS (and maybe other sources such as Ancestry as well, I don't know), that any EMPTY event records are NOT added to RM?

Family Search Login Fail

07 October 2017 - 01:30 AM

I start RM7 and reopen the tree and got to FamilySearch Central.

I click on the What's New link for people with new info and the Sign-in window opens and declares "Invalid login. Please make sure your login and password are correct.".

I know what they are, so I re-type them and try again. Same error.

Once more making very sure I typed it correctly. Same message.

I open a browser and for to FamilySearch.org to login that way and test it.

Family Search says "Your account has been locked temporarily. Please try again later."

Not sure if it is locked from multiple failed logins or for some other reason.

My point is that RM7 didn't tell me I was locked out, just that it was an invalid login.

An old can of worms - Place names

06 October 2017 - 04:48 PM

I have read many posts and replies in this Forum concerning Place Names, standardization, interchange with various other data sources, GEDCOM standards, the low degree of commonality between all of these, the inability of anyone to legislate the RIGHT answer, the religious fervour that some writers have for this subject and finally the realization that everyone pretty much has to decide for themselves what they want to use to meet their specific objectives. Whew! I say a lot in the coming paragraphs but trust me, there's a question at the end.....


I have been trying to keep my places "organized" since Family Origins (V4 maybe?) and I have ~60k names and 5,465 Places in my database so 1 - internal consistency has great value and 2 - significant changes to that list have a high cost. One of the reasons I have always told people that FO and RM are great is because they help me achieve internal consistency with the matching as I type a place name and now (more recently) provide a way for me to merge duplicate names. 

  • My data covers at least the following countries: Canada, USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Denmark.
  • I am a recent convert to using place details, most especially to deal with churches and graveyards and universities in otherwise well-defined place names, and I recognize that this is not supported in almost any other programming, but it makes the prediction of place names as I type them FAR more effective and that's important for consistency and data entry speed.
  • A driving force for me beyond internal consistency is easy readability for a wide variety of family member readers.

If we describe the full hierarchy, using N America as the example, as "Place details, city/town, township, county, state/province, country" then we immediately have some problems because not everywhere has townships and not everywhere has counties either.

  • We can deal with that by putting in the empty comma-separated fields, but that gets pretty tiresome and messes up the readability when you write Jonestown,,,BC,Canada because there are few townships and no counties in BC (I suspect it is not entirely alone in that) - what a mess!
  • I like to put a space after the commas whenever I do use them just for readability.
  • I abbreviate Township as Twp and County as Co (no period after each abbreviation) because that takes up less space and it is unambiguous.
  • I like to use the state/province abbreviations (exactly what the postal service requires) saying BC instead of British Columbia for example.
  • I always include the country if for no other reason than I have more than one country to deal with and people move from one to another in their lifetime.

So for me, that place would be Jonestown, BC, Canada. If it were Jonestown in Nova Scotia instead, I might later discover that Jonestown is actually in Kings County, so I can edit the Place Names to give Jonestown, Kings Co, NS, Canada. And if Jonestown is in Cornwallis Township of Kings Co then Jonestown, Cornwallis Twp, Kings Co, NS, Canada. But the use of Townships is fairly uncommon in my experience - not that they didn't exist or weren't known, just that they weren't used all that much, so I only include them when it seems necessary. And I think my family readers can handle Jonestown, Kings Co, NS, Canada and get full value understanding.


So here's the query: what is the best way that I can take advantage of the Standardized place names and the Geo-coding and the County Checker to help bring consistency and better information to my Place names if I still want to continue using my preferred structure of standardization as I just described it above?