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In Topic: Better handling of URLs in Sources

10 December 2020 - 05:11 PM

It looks like most/all of the sources copied from FamilySearch and some Census records etc etc have been created with a WebTag on EACH source, and that is good.

Who knew? And that's the point.

I have looked at thousands of people all with many sources attached to events and there was NOTHING that indicated to me that these WebTags were there.

Here's a workflow:

- find a person of interest and open their Edit Person screen

- there are no WebTags at the top for this person

- see that they have a Census record from 1930 and it has a source and it would be helpful to know who else is on that Census record

- open up the Source box and there's just that one source

- you can see the source name and also the free form text in the footnote, the short footnote and the bibliography

- in the footnote text you can see that there is a URL embedded there so copy and paste it in to the browser to get the details.


At no time did it indicate that there was a WebTag associated with that source.


If I were to Edit the source - which is not a reasonable thing to do when you're just reviewing the source - I still don't see any indication.

Then I select the MasterText tab and I see there is a WebTag.

Click on the WebTag button and I see the one WebTag - I can read the name, but the URL is longer than the dialog box allows so I can't really do much with it.

So now I click Edit again and I can see the whole URL, but even then it is not clickable so all I can do is copy/paste it into my Browser.


See how all this doesn't help one SEE that there is a URL, or DO anything useful with the URL?


And to go back to my 2nd request on this item - I still can't find anything that helps me find any broken links in my HUGE data table of WebTags.

In Topic: Better handling of URLs in Sources

10 December 2020 - 01:04 AM

Thanks Renee. Yes, I see that. But the WebTag is associated with the person, not with the event, right?

If I am looking at a person I see the list of their events and to the right I see the Notes and Sources. Very often that source is a webpage and, if you got the source from FamilySearch (for example) the citation it provides for you contains a URL.

THAT is the URL I want to click on. I don't want to close the sources box and open the webtags dialog to see if there might be a tag that supports the event I was looking at. That's hardly easier than copying that URL out of the text box and pasting it in to my browser. After doing that a few hundred times I figured there had to be a better way.


And if the same source is used for 5 people (say a Census record or Immigration record) then I would have to add the same webtag to 5 people? No, I'd rather copy/paste the source to each person (making minor edits for the different person if needed) and keeping the same URL that's associated with that source for that event. And yes, I know about multiciting a source or sharing a source, but the URL I want is still embedded in a text field and not clickable.

And there may be a webtag validation checker, but I didn't see it.


So no, webtags don't really take the place of what I was looking for.

In Topic: Why does FS think there is new information?

17 March 2020 - 02:44 PM

Thanks, I think I get it. Nasty of them to create so much work for us!


If I understand, you are comparing PersonTable.EditDate with LinkTable.extDate. What's the LinkTable.Modified flag for? And EditDate must be when I edited the record, not a date where I merely looked at in the FS Central comparison.


I have just over 16500 records in LinkTable and they ALL have the extDate = 0.0. Only 1100 of those have Modified = 0.

And I have about 17800 records in PersonTable and the EditDates are all > 0.0. Meaning in part that all but about 1300 of my people are matched up.


So theoretically, every single person who is linked to a FSFT ID should be in the list to be checked in Family Search Central. But I just processed a few hundred more yesterday and they are no longer in the list. Is that what the Modified does? The ones still to be checked are those with Modified = 1 which is about 14400 records?


And if I reset the count through the GUI does that make all the Modified = 0? At least until such time as I give Central the opportunity to go scanning and comparing the date fields.


I ask because I don't really want to go messing with the tables unless I know what I'm doing <grin> and at the moment I appear to have a TON of work to do!

In Topic: Why does FS think there is new information?

13 March 2020 - 05:34 PM

But so many people? I have only processed about 100 people on the list so far, but only 5-10 of them had ANYTHING new.


Can you explain the algorithm that RM uses to decide if a person has new information or not?