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Possible bug in backup feature?

23 April 2005 - 06:44 PM

I've noticed that when I make a backup of my database, files from other similarly named databases are included in the zip file created by RM. I think I can guess why this is happening:

I have two databases: one called abc.rmg and another called abc_demo.rmg (which I was using for testing importing and merging data). RM creates all its files to go with these dbs, including all the ones named abc_A.cdx, abc_D.DBF etc. When I back up abc.rmg, it includes several of the files that belong to abc_demo.rmg.

It seems to me that when RM creates the zip file, it includes any file that begins abc_d. In other words, it is not checking the entire filename but just matching the first few letters. If there are any other databases in the same directory that begin with the same letters as the database you are backing up with the addition of an underscore and one of the letters that RM uses for its filenames, then they will be added to the backup zip.

OK, I could rename databases that follow the pattern that creates the error, but I'd rather not do that, and I should obviously be able to give my database whatever name I want, subject to the restrictions imposed by Windows. It seems to me that this could pose a privacy risk when swapping databases with other RM users, as information from other databases could inadvertently be swapped too. There may be potential for database corruption when restoring from the backup too.

Is this a genuine bug, or am I doing something stupid?

Wish list

04 April 2005 - 03:59 PM

I've tried four different genealogy programs over the last few years and RootsMagic is easily the best of them. That said, there are a few things that would improve it, at least for me. I freely concede that some of items in the list I present are not easy to implement, and others have already been proposed by others, but here's what I'd like to see:

1. ability to copy facts to other individuals/families (as appropriate). Being able to copy source citations is great but entire facts would be even better.

2. the web pages produced should adhere to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards, i.e. use XHTML etc., etc. The ones the program currently outputs are better than some I've seen, but still don't validate. This would be easy to fix.

3. it would be nice to see a child's relationship to its parents (birth/adopted/etc.) in all views (or at least the Family view), without having to open the 'Edit Family' window. I suppose not everyone would want that, but it could be optional.

4. for sources, a list of all the records where a particular source is used, with the ability to click on a name to select it, just as in the RM Explorer. The same for repositories and places, in fact any other list where it might be useful.

5. the ability to show more generations in Pedigree view. On my screen (1280x960), I could easily fit another generation or two in, as long as the fonts resized themselves (as they do already if you reduce the vertical size of the window).

The following are more radical but I put them forward anyway -- to some extent just to see what others think about them:

6. for those familiar with databases, an SQL type query language for use in the RM Explorer in addition to the Find feature, which I find sometimes doesn't allow me to construct the queries I would like when I'm trying to find people.

7. I would like the Descendants view to be more flexible. Rather than having a fixed view of 5 generations, I would prefer a Windows Explorer folder type view, with the ability to view as many generations as one wants. Each family would have a little '+' or '-' next to it to to show or hide the children and their descendants. The window would have to have scrollbars of course, as large trees could take up a lot of room. For those familiar with Cumberland Family Tree, it does it that way -- it's one of the few things I prefer about that program.

8. in the Family view, I would like to be able to customise the columns of information by adding different ones and changing their order, again, much as is possible in Windows Explorer.

I'd be interested to see what others think, and apologies if any of these things can already be done and I've been too stupid to work out how.