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In Topic: Can't remove blank "child" record

23 October 2017 - 05:47 PM

Thank you, kbens0n and Renee!! This actually worked. I first saved the new file as Temp.rmgc, and then renamed my old database as xxxxxxx-backup.rmgc. I then renamed the Temp.rmgc database to my original filename. To make doubly sure, I ran the four Database Tools utilities, and it looks like I am good to go, with 4756 people and 1578 families. As you can imagine, with that number of people, I did not want to have a database of questionable integrity.

In Topic: Can't remove blank "child" record

21 October 2017 - 08:32 AM

Thanks for the reply.


I've run Database Tools several times and got the message that everything was OK, but the record was not removed. I just now tried to drag-n-drop that person to a new "Temp" database, first being asked to select groups or individuals, but I just said "Let me select people from a list," and got a message that nothing was "copied". That apparently does not move the record.


I actually saw a suggestion to run Database Tools in another thread related to this issue and had tried it several times before I saw your message. To be honest, I had not even noticed that there was such a tool before their suggestion.


Incidentally, I just noticed that not only does the record's Sex field indicate "M," but it also has Web Hints, which, when I click the icon, indicates that there are 13 hints. The Relation field also indicates "Birth". So there are three fields populated.


I'm open to further suggestions.

In Topic: Family View -- Children field with blank name

19 October 2017 - 06:02 PM

Thank you for these suggestions. I've never thought to run the Database Tools but I did today. One of the tools removed a blank "child" from a family that I had fretted about for a long time today. On the other hand, the Index still showed a person named "[UNKNOWN], [Unknown]-180628128". When I selected it to Edit, it said the last Edit was 30 Dec 1899. I can't delete the record, nor can I change the Sex, although I was able to change the given names and surname.

In Topic: Treeshare and RootsMagic Fact Notes

09 September 2017 - 10:58 PM

If I make a change to a Fact Note in RootsMagic, then use Treeshare to transfer it to Ancestry, boxes appear next to many facts other than the one I changed. In every case, the number of characters in the Note field of Ancestry is smaller than the number of characters in the RootsMagic Note field. A comparison of the Ancestry Note with RootsMagic Note shows that Ancestry has stripped all carriage returns, line feeds, and perhaps other characters from the RootsMagic Note. A Note for a will, which I purposely separated into several paragraphs in RootsMagic, appears as a single long illegible line. This is definitely an Ancestry problem. If you Edit an Ancestry note to add carriage returns, they disappear immediately after you submit the change. The same issue occurs when entering carriage returns in fields on Ancestry's Lifestory page. Very frustrating.


I have also noticed that issue, but frankly, I did not think of it as a problem until you mentioned it. I can see where that could create some illegibility.


However, it seems to be slightly different from the problem I described above. The Ancestry conversion of my Notes appears to ADD characters, perhaps an HTML line feed or carriage return, that remain when I delete the entire note on Ancestry, then use TreeShare to compare the individual's record between Ancestry and Rootsmagic.


My comment above was slightly misleading when I said, "... I tested it by writing a Note in my own RootsMagic record, then used TreeShare to copy it to Ancestry. I then Backspace-deleted the Note from my Ancestry and it still appeared in TreeShare."


I should have said that I tested the problem by writing a Note in RootsMagic and used TreeShare to copy it to Ancestry.com. After I deleted that Note on Ancestry.com, the previously existing text no longer appeared in TreeShare (in either the RootsMagic window or the Ancestry window), but when I hovered the mouse pointer over the Note's icon (which still appears in the Ancestry window), the popup balloon displays the characters "<line />".

In Topic: Treeshare and RootsMagic Fact Notes

08 September 2017 - 10:19 PM

I have, perhaps, a somewhat related issue. Many persons in my RootsMagic database include old Notes that have survived various downloads via gedcom files. When I uploaded my database to Ancestry, these notes also made the trip.


Now, when I use TreeShare to compare individuals and copy data to/from Ancestry, those Notes appear, usually with a small discrepancy in the number of characters. This gives me the opportunity to choose which one to copy to the other, or I can go to the individual's record in RootsMagic, where I can copy the information to a Fact and then delete the Note. I can also go to the person's profile in Ancestry and delete the Note - well, kind of delete it - by using the Backspace key.


However, when I rerun TreeShare, there is an icon that indicates a Note exists on Ancestry. When I hover the mouse over it, the following characters appear (within the quotes): "<line />". This is annoying because it causes TreeShare to identify the records as different, even if all other data is identical. I called Ancestry support and they told me it was probably a RootsMagic issue, but I don't buy that explanation, because I tested it by writing a Note in my own RootsMagic record, then used TreeShare to copy it to Ancestry. I then Backspace-deleted the Note from my Ancestry and it still appeared in TreeShare.


I realize that this is a bit frivolous and nit-picky, but I feel as if Ancestry programming is the responsible party. Comments?