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In Topic: Tree Share-Global "accept changes"

08 July 2017 - 05:46 PM

I too was very excited to think I would finally be able to clean up a couple of my Ancestry trees using RM7 tools. I quickly learned TreeShare is not going to be the way to do it.

I agree, making large scale changes is completely impractical. We need some kind of global accept, but I realize it will be a very complicated thing to do since the two apps are not 100% compatible.

So the 800 person tree I cleaned yesterday is only getting back to Ancestry by unlinking from the Ancestry tree, deleting or renaming the ancestry tree, and uploading the cleaned RM version.

But now I have a huge list of sources for each person on Ancestry, many of them duplicates, and many of them not attached to anything because they are person sources and ancestry does not support person sources. Now my freshly cleaned tree has a whole new assortment of clutter and is anything but clean looking when viewed in Ancestry.

I see the value in TreeShare for simply genealogy, but I am a researcher and power-user. I know a number of users have chosen RM because it has the power tools a power-user needs. Perhaps TreeShare will eventually get there.

Please Bruce, once you get this working solidly (not there yet!), please consider the needs of your power users. I already have carpel-tunnel. Trying to use this version of treeshare is beyond my physical limits and would require far more time then I want to commit :-(


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