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Sort Sources by bibliography format, please

11 January 2006 - 11:31 AM

In regular (non-genealogy) documentation, one never sorts by footnote format. Footnotes occur in the order the text calls for them, so names can be Givenname Surname: nice and readable without the inverted name order.

But one does sort a bibliography alphabetically, which is when you need names inverted as Surname, Givenname. I format the bibliographic version for all my sources this way, overriding RM's format when necessary.

If I want to print my source list (short at present since I'm redoing an old tree--but the old tree had more than 500 sources), I don't want to print the list in footnote format. It doesn't help to have all the sources for people named "Ann" grouped together.

And, while I can see a use for Personal Reference number order, that's not very helpful for me.

What I want is the ability to print a true bibliography, which would be sorted by Surname, Givenname for a family member or for an author.

One way to do that at present is to make my "Picklist" name for a source be a duplicate of the bibliographical/inverted name, then print the source list sorted by picklist name. This is okay--to a point. It works as long as I remember an author's name, although the book name is what I'm more likely to remember. But it would be nice to have Biographical order as a possible sort order on Source list reports.

One issue: I have very common surnames that pop up on both sides of the family tree. I have--in the past--put an R at the front of picklist names that referred to the Ross side of the tree; an F at the front of picklist names that referred to the Fowler side of the tree. This meant that sources for my two Willis branches were clearly separated as FWillis and RWillis on the picklist. But if I have to use bibliographical/inverted name format for the picklist so that I can sort and print a true bibliography for my tree, I can no longer use the FWillis/RWillis format.

I also used to put state prefixes at the front of picklist names for books that were about a specific geographical area. Perhaps, I'd put GaFloyd at the front of all the references for Georgia's Floyd County, so that locating sources on the picklist was much easier.

Rather than lose the functionality of picklist names that are truly useful, I think I'm going to have to change the format for my sources so that footnote format uses inverted names, the same way the bibliography does. Then, if I sort my sources by footnote order, I'll actually be getting the bibliography I want.

But I've never quite understood why anyone would want a list sorted in footnote order. And I'll be sorry to lose the legitimate difference in documentation format between footnotes and bibliographies. If you simply added another sort option to the Source list report, I'd be a very happy camper.