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Bigamy record

06 June 2019 - 10:46 AM

If this is not the appropriate place for this question, please move it.


I came across something that I have never come across before - a prison register record (to Sing Sing) and the crime was bigamy.


My ancestor married this person, and then 6 months later he was sentenced to Sing Sing due to bigamy - he married her while married to someone else.  He was eligible for parole a year later.  According to the register, he was still living with her (2nd wife) when he was arrested - I'm guessing the first wife made the complaint as the register has 'unable to get along with first wife' as a contributing factor.


So how do I record all this in Rootsmagic?  Looking for suggestions.


Also, would the marriage be automatically made null and void?  Would I need to look for a divorce reocrd?  They were both Jewish, if that makes any difference.





Found this definition:  Bigamy is the condition of having two wives or two husbands at the same time. The second marriage to someone who is already legally married is void and may be annulled, while there is no effect on the first marriage.


So why would you need to annul a marriage that is void?