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In Topic: Historic vs current event locations / places

05 December 2019 - 04:38 PM

When I first started doing genealogy many, many years ago, I didn't use the word County/Province/Parrish etc so I would end up with something like John Doe was born in Dallas, Texas and died in Dallas, Texas.  However, if the person was ACTUALLY born and died in Garland which is in the COUNTY of Dallas, Texas, then that kind of messes up my logic.  So I started using County/Province/Parrish etc.  I don't like to do the extra commas like in ',, New York' when I only know that it was New York.  I don't ALWAYS spell out COUNTY though.


That being said, I don't generally add United States of America, but I DO put other countries.  So I am thinking about starting to do that too.

In Topic: Can I install RM7 on a 2nd computer in my home?

10 July 2019 - 03:36 PM

I have RM installed on my home desktop computer.  I have RM toGo installed on a USb drive, which I am then able to use on husbands computer, my laptop or my work computer.  All I need to do is do the RM ToGo update process when I have made updates to get them to my main computer.  I also do a backup on the USB drive, so I could also use the backup to do a restore on my main computer.