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In Topic: Extra space when using maiden name in endnotes

04 April 2015 - 05:40 AM

I've tried a few different source templates, both standard and custom and the extra space occurs in both.  Renee, can you add this to the list to fix?




In Topic: File compare not matching

23 March 2015 - 05:38 PM

Renee, please look at my second post 21 March, 9:42PM.

There has to be >0% match in the examples in my two posts. I have several files started at different times that I'm trying to compare and I'm mostly getting 0%. (The files contain many of the same persons.) If the matches were >0% then I could copy facts etc. between files.

If nothing else, what if the user could manually match, then the compare function would allow copying facts, sources, etc.


In Topic: File compare not matching

21 March 2015 - 09:42 PM

First of all, in my first post, I've correct "UID" to "RIN".  So below, following each name I have the RIN just as RM shows it.

Laura, I'm not sure what you mean "Did you check the matches or just the 0%"

Anyways, I created 3 new data bases, each with the same three people: Andrew Hedberg, Emma Stromberg, and son Herman Hedberg. The parents have a marriage fact but no date or place. There are no other facts: no birthdates, no alternate names, nothing.

Database1 entered child, then father then mother

Database2 entered father, then mother, then child

Database3 entered father, then mother, then child (exact same as Database 2)

First comparison (same data, different order of entry):

% Match          Database2                 Database1

0                                                        Hedberg, Andrew-2
0                                                        Stromberg, Emma-3
0                     Hedberg, Andrew-1
98                   Hedberg, Herman-3   Hedberg, Herman-1
0                     Stromberg, Emma-2

Second comparison Database2 and Database3 (same data, same order of entry): 100% match on all 3 persons.

Returning to the first comparison and adding Andrew's exact birthdate 9 Apr 1854 to both Database 1 & 2 I get:

% Match        Database2                   Database1
0                                                        Stromberg, Emma-3
79                  Hedberg, Andrew-1     Hedberg, Andrew-2
98                  Hedberg, Herman-3    Hedberg, Herman -1
0                    Stromberg, Emma-2

Why is the Andrew-Andrew match only 79% especially since they both have the exact same birth date, and Herman-Herman at 98% has no birth entered?

Repeating this except Andrew's birthdate in Database2 is 9 Apr 1854 and in Database 1 is just 1854:

I get the same results as the "First Comparison" above. That is 98% for Herman-Herman (no birthdates) and 0% for Andrew (similar birthdates) and Emma.

I would have thought that comparing 1854 vs 9 Apr 1854 for two persons (Andrew in both databases) with the same name would produce >0% match.

So there seems to be some disfunctionality.



In Topic: Endnote numbers underlined

04 January 2015 - 09:49 AM

Ah ha!  So they are hyperlinks. 


Thanks all.



In Topic: Place pop-up

04 November 2014 - 11:48 AM

Although I don't (yet) have an Ancestry Member Tree, does anyone know if including "county" in the place name affects getting hints (shaky leaf) one way or another?