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In Topic: Reconciling Statistics Report

15 August 2016 - 11:44 AM

That line is labeled wrong.  It should actually be "Individuals with marriage age" rather than "marriage event" (it should be labeled like the same section for death age).  It is counting those who RM can calculate an age at marriage to provide the min, max, and average age at marriage.  I've fixed this for the next update.

In Topic: RM7 direct import from Family Tree Maker

10 March 2016 - 09:31 AM



Place Details are *not* becoming a "hotchpotch of information".


In FTM, there are fields for date, place, and description.  There is not a field for place details.


When RM imports an FTM file, it will place whatever the user entered as a description into the RM description field *IF* that fact type defaults to allowing a description.  So, for example, an occupation, residence, etc type fact, RM will import the description into the description field for that fact.


However, FTM lets users enter descriptions for facts like birth, marriage, etc. where it doesn't make much sense to have a description.  So FTM users used that field like RM users used Place Details... the name of the hospital, the street address, etc.


So when RM imports an FTM fact that doesn't normally allow a description (say birth), it will import that description into the place detail field *IF* the fact actually has a place.  If the fact doesn't have a place then RM will import the description into the description field.


Nothing has changed with the way we or the program interpret what the place details field is for.  It is only the import trying to put the FTM users data where it most likely belongs.

In Topic: RM7 direct import from Family Tree Maker

04 March 2016 - 06:21 PM

Yes, MacKiev has changed the file format (or at least the encryption key).  Yes, FTM files are encrypted, which means FTM users better hope FTM continues to work because they won't be able to access their data from external programs like RM users can.  MacKiev wants to make sure no other program than FTM can access their files.


Our direct import of FTM 2008-2014 files should be ready within the next few weeks, so it shouldn't be too long of a wait.

In Topic: FTM Refugee Hints

24 December 2015 - 10:07 AM

I just plugged in all the default facts in FTM and converted to RM7. Here's what I found:


Given name, surname and sex go to the proper fields in RM7.


A second Name field goes to RM7 Alt Name.


FTM Address/Phone/Email are put in the Primary Address field on the address tab in RM7


FTM Bat Mitzvah goes to Bas Mitzvah in RM7 (in GEDCOM this way)


Also Known As goes to RM7 Alt Name


Circumcision is dropped (_CIRC in GEDCOM)


Confirmation (LDS) - Description in the date field in RM7


Cause of Death moved to RM7 Death description field


Degree dropped (_DEG in GEDCOM)


Divorce description dropped


Elected dropped (_ELEC in GEDCOM)


Employment dropped (_EMPLOY in GEDCOM)


Excommunication dropped (_EXCM in GEDCOM)


Funeral dropped (_FUN in GEDCOM)


Initatory (LDS) dropped (_INIT in GEDCOM)


Medical Condition seems to go to Person Notes. Seemed to take 1st word skip the rest add a ':' then append the description.


Mission (LDS) dropped (_MISN in GEDCOM)


Military Serial Number dropped (_MILTID in GEDCOM)


Ordinance dropped (_ORDI in GEDCOM)


Physical Description goes to RM7 Description


Height dropped (_HEIG in GEDCOM)


Weight dropped (_WEIG in GEDCOM)


Namesake dropped (_NAMS in GEDCOM)


Social Security Number goes to RM7 SSN


Destination dropped (_NAMS in GEDCOM)


Origin dropped (_ORIG in GEDCOM)


Separation dropped (_SEPR in GEDCOM)


Relationship ID dropped (REFN in GEDCOM)


Person Id goes to RM7 Ref #


Ancestral File Number goes to RM7 AFN


All the other default fields come across as expected. In FTM you can create custom facts so those may or may not make it.


The _* tag items in GEDCOM are vendor defined (per GEDCOM specification) so I guess it's not surprising that RM7 doesn't bring them all in. The good side of this is that most of these are lesser used and they all make it out of FTM and into the GEDCOM file. If RM wants to they can read them in.


I can't believe how many vendor defined tags FTM uses for events / facts that GEDCOM actually has a tag defined for already.  And why they don't use the EVEN tag for the others like they're supposed to.  Ancestry sure played fast and loose with the GEDCOM spec.


I'll look to see how much of that stuff we can bring in and put it where it is supposed to go.


- Bruce