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Place name recognition sensitivity....

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Posted 03 April 2010 - 09:46 AM

I have just recieved Family Atlas and I have one fairly major observation/concern/recommendation. I have over 25,000 individuals in Roots Magic and approximately 4400 places. I have been working on this for over 25 years. I am finding that the gencode system is too sensitive. over 1300 places were unable to be matched. Obviously, many of the unmatched are do to errors at my end but some of them are minor and the place matches function needs to be more user friendly. Many of the towns in my records are historical and are not in the geocode database. This also happens when a town was originally in one county but county boundries changed. You probably rely on a third party for this information but it is very frustrating.. It looks for perfect mataches, ex1.. to distinguish between towns/cities and counties, my files include Co. after the county name and geocode frequently does not recognize the county... although sometimes it does!?? ex 2 sometimes a name may have a minor misspelling, an extra letter or a missing letter and it does not recognize the name. There should be away to suggest the proper match and correct spelling. I should also be then given the option to correct the spelling in Roots Magic when spelling errors are identified. Or to add the name of a county, when my current record only includes the city/town and state. I've been working at this for 4 hours now and I still have over 1000 place name to review!! Any improvements to the software will be too late for me but this needs to be made more user friendly for future users...