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Posted 05 November 2009 - 07:17 PM

The Media Gallery kind of baffles me. I'd like it to be the single repository of all media attached somewhere in my database and I'd like to be able to add multiple files to it at one time, not have to do it one by one. I'd also like to be able to subdivide it into folders, e.g., a folder for each family, or whatever categorization someone might use. It's just a big mess now with so many files in it that the one I'm looking for is very difficult to find. It irritates me to have to sort through the mess to see if the file I want to add to a record is already in it or if I have to add it from my non-RM file folders.

On the other hand, I also don't like adding the same media to several different facts (e.g., obituary attached to death, burial, birth, etc.) What about having a master media gallery and a person media gallery? Attach all your media to your DB (to appear in the Master Media Gallery). Attach media to a person as appropriate (Person Media Gallery). Check a box associated with each fact if there is something in the Person Media Gallery related to that fact. Add that same media check box to the Source & Detail records.



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Posted 05 November 2009 - 09:44 PM

Hi Martha,
I'm just starting to add photos beyond the initial few I had in Family Origins and can see that the Media Gallery is going to become very cumbersome very quickly. It's a flat alphabetical sort of the filenames, regardless of the paths. So it's important to name the files in a structured manner if you want them to cluster sensibly and make it easier to find. So even though I have put photos into surname folders, I still have to name the file Surname,Givens_birthyear_description.ext to facilitate the Gallery. The File menu item opens a Windows Explorer type window on the folder of a selected file while Tools > Show where this media is used answers the obvious question.

I rather like how Google's Picasa handles it as a model for the Media Gallery. You have flat folder and tree views and virtual albums and various ways of sorting (by creation date, name, size, recent changes)and choice of filename or truncated captions, if any, under the thumbnails. That will cluster media by folder, time, etc and makes it far easier to find things. If RM's People, Place, Source Galleries are considered equivalent to Picasa Albums, then there's a model for them. I try to put the put the RM image caption and description into the Picasa caption for coordination, backup because RM's descriptions get lost on transfers between databases, and for Picasa web albums to share with family.

Viewing/editing the media associated with a Person could be more efficient with fewer keystrokes and mouse clicks. I was just using FO9 and noting how much easier it was to get to a Person Gallery from the Explorer screen: <Alt-P>. Now that was a much simpler structure with no gallery for Facts. In RM4, you see a checkbox beside a Person or Fact in the Media column if there is media attached but you have click on it to see the gallery for that item. Wouldn't it be great to have an <Alt-P>/1-click control to open all of the galleries associated with that person in one screen organized by event?

As for adding multiple items, again Picasa makes it look so easy. Just drop the files into a folder that is being monitored. This can be a new sub-folder and Picasa finds it.

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