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RM4 housekeeping- storage locations for multimedia files

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Posted 27 March 2009 - 02:20 PM

I've had a look through archives via search and this has been discussed before, but I thought it might be appropriate to just check with others on 'best practice' with RM4 and seek more experienced users advice.

All of my genealogical data (multimedia files, letters etc) is stored in a set of subdirs according to predominant SURNAMES off a master subdir called C:\DATA\GENEALOGY. (Syn of 'My Documents\genealogy' in MS's horribly dictitorial parlance). Hence I have sudirs:


(this structure is mirrored in my email client [Outlook] for emails)

If I have a file relating to a uncommon surname in my tree, then I'll put it in the 'nearest' common surname. E.g. If I have a picture of a non-blood relative Harry FALCON who married in to my JONES line (poor dear blink.gif ), he gets stuck in the JONES subdir.

Plus I have some common utility subdirs, e.g.


This is simple (so I understand it!), but I fear it may not stand the test of time and database expansion? If for example a new SURNAME starts to get a lot of files associated with it, I guess I create another subdir but then have to (manually?) move the links within RM4?

The other thing is that I seem to remember that when creating a website using RM3 I found that all multimedia links had to come from one subdir otherwise they did not appear? Hence some multimedia files are only in the c:\data\genealogy\pictures subdir and some are duplicated in the surname subdirs. Sometimes I don't know where to go looking!

In short, it has the making of a dog's dinner, so I would welcome anyones advise on this before it beomes a car crash unsure.gif