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Getting Pictures in Correct File

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#1 franjane


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Posted 14 October 2008 - 04:02 PM

I recently started with RM and transferred all of my pictures and data from FTM using the FTM file. Anyway I now want to add a copy of a document which contains the record of a marriage. I have the record in a jpeg image file on my computer in my picture file. What I think I need to do is move it from my folder to the rootmagic picture folder. I know this is a very stupid question but I have absolutely no idea how to do it. I am using Vista. As I recall I used to be able to move stuff from place to place on my computer, but now I have no idea how to do this. [I end up with stuff in absolutely crazy places and I have no idea how to get my computer organized. But that is besides the point]

What I need to know is how I can get the copy of the Marriage Record Document and other documents as I find them into the right folder for use in Root Magic scrapbook. I want to have all the documents in the correct place so that everything will be able to be placed on a RM CD.

Please be very specific in telling me how to do this, if it is possible, because I am very very stupid.

Thank you in advance.


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Posted 15 October 2008 - 10:51 AM

Open the folder the document you want to move is currently in. If you want to move the document so it won't still be in that folder, put your cursor on the document and left click . While keeping the left click down, use the touch pad to move the cursor to the folder where you want it. When you have it over the new folder, just let go off the the left click and it'll be in the new folder. If you want to have a copy in both places, put your cursor over the document, right click, click copy on the list that comes up, move your cursor to over the file you want it in, right click, click paste on the list that comes up and you'll have a copy of it in the new folder. There are other ways to do both of these, but I won't confuse you with other options.

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Posted 15 October 2008 - 02:36 PM

Some considerations:

1. Create a list of all the multimedia CURRENTLY REFERENCED within any one(1) of your databases:
  a. Reports->Lists->Multimedia List->(Include which items in the list)
  b. Checkmark everything AND choose <Everyone in the database> ( INSTEAD OF <Selected people> )
  c. Choose file format desired for the report in (Print to) ANYTHING BUT <Screen/Printer>
  d. Click <Create> button and save the .PDF, .RTF or .TXT file (choose a destination folder and filename)
  e. Finish by returning to main screen of RootsMagic and exit the program.

2. Use MY COMPUTER (or Windows Explorer) to open Report:
  a. Browse to and locate the file that you saved (in Step 1)
  b. Double "left-click" the filename to open the file
  c. Note that the report lists "paths" to filenames of all multimedia

3. Decide which folder will hold all your images and documents:
  a. The "aim" will be to copy (or move) those from "other" folders into one central folder.
  b. Then we will "tell" RootsMagic "where" they are now AND "where to look" first.
  c. Can be one "already in use" (from report) or "new" one.
  d. Advanced systems might include a series of "subfolders" under a central folder name
     (ex. \RM\portraits, \RM\census, RM\portraits\smith, RM\portraits\jones, RM\census\NY, RM\census\WV)
  e. Whichever currently holds "most" of your multimedia items would be the "simplest" choice.

4. Move all images & documents from "other" folders to "designated" folder (or subfolders):
  a. Refer to your Multimedia List report (open in another window) for paths/filenames
  b. Use MY COMPUTER (or Windows Explorer) to drag and drop (or copy/paste) files:
  c. Open destination folder (chosen in Step 3) in a separate window and arrange.
  d. Open source folder of first file to be moved (filepath from report) in a window.
  e. To COPY file, right-click filename & choose Copy (to MOVE file, choose Cut instead)
  f. Switch to other window (destination folder).
  g. To PASTE copied file (right-click any blank area of window & choose Paste).
  h. For drag and drop (instead press & hold-down right-click of filename, "drag" it out of current window
     and "drop" on other window...you'll be offered MOVE and COPY, as choices).
  i. Repeat until all multimedia files have been gatherd together and moved accordingly.

5. Re-open RootsMagic and "tell" it "where" those files were moved to:
  a. Refer to your Multimedia List report (open in another window) and for EACH file that was moved:
  b. Select Search->Search and replace->Search in->Multimedia filenames->Search for->
  c. Enter the complete OLD path/filename (ex. C:\franjane\portrait.jpg)
  d. Enter the NEW path/filename in the <Replace with> block (ex. C:\RM\multimedia)
  e. Click <OK>
  f. Repeat for ALL files that were moved.
  g. When finished, set Tools->Options->Program Options->Folders->Multimedia to path you "settled on".
  h. Setting that last option "tells" RM to open that folder FIRST when choosing to add multimedia in the future.
  i. SO, in the future...SAVE all images and documents to that folder (that you "designated")

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