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Do the database tools on start-up

database tools

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#1 SomebodySmart


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Posted 10 June 2020 - 10:15 AM

RootsMagic, on start-up, should go through the Database Tools, displaying messages such as 

#2 robertjacobs0


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Posted 10 June 2020 - 02:24 PM

Why? Specifically why, or is this just a general precaution? If the latter, I'd think it excessive. RM7 has always seemed robust to me.

#3 mjashby


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Posted 11 June 2020 - 02:40 AM

I agree with robertjacobs0.  If such a routine were implemented it would:


 - irritate the majority of users massively by slowing down application launch, in repeatedly performing checks that should be unnecessary 99.9% of the time; and 

 - display a remarkable lack of confidence in the RootsMagic developers' programming capabilities; and/or in the capabilities of SQLite as a reliable database tool which is definitely not the case.


Not at all a smart move in my opinion.


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#4 GJohn



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Posted 17 September 2020 - 06:51 PM

I respectfully have to take the other side of this coin. I would love if RM7 had a program option (default=off) to enable automatic running of the Database Tools at startup or as part of the backup. It all depends on your PC's hardware capabilities (CPU & disk speeds) and the size of your database.
-- I use a very fast high-end PC for my regular RM activity, ~1600 people in DB, it takes me longer to click on each Database Tools step than it does for RM run the steps on this PC. Therefore on this PC I am manually repeatedly running the Database Tools, which I find bothersome & an inefficient user-interface.
-- However, I have a slow circa 2012 mid-range laptop I infrequently run RM7 on when out-of-office. Running the the Database Tools is noticeably slower, as is RM7 in-general. With this PC I definitely wouldn't want to have Database Tools running automatically at startup.

Per prior post, I agree overall the vast majority of RM7.5 is extremely robust, but definitely not all of it, at least some parts I currently use frequently. I regularly run the Database Tools to avoid a few RM7.5 program 'features' that result in misleading transient information displayed on a few the RM screen. I suspect RM8 will have its own all new 'features' that will make necessary regular running of its equivalent Database Tools. Therefore, I would propose this feature for a RM8.1+ release, not for the initial RM8.0 release to get it out the door ASAP while we all still have some patience. (as a s/w dev., I recall a 'feature' was the manager's term for 'bug').

I found many of the RM unexplained unrepeatable transient issues went away if I run the Database Tools whenever I add/modify/delete a custom Fact Type, shared Role Type, Group, Source Template or Source. An inefficiency but overall saves me time that would have been spent cleaning up after being misled, while it gives me high confidence in the integrity of my database file. My preferred report is a highly customized Narrative Reports that use lots of custom Fact Types and extensive use of shared Roles & STL sentences.

Otherwise, I find RM7 very stable as I am also doing a lot a basic Fact/Event data entry using the free Internet sources not available years ago, in parallel to a complete data scrub & source re-verification after several less than stellar DOS-PAF->FTM->TMG->RM imports. However, as noted in-detail by many in these forums, I seem to continually be opening and closing windows, then repeating the cycle, for 2020 a inefficient user-interface. So inefficient I shelved my genealogy efforts for ~6 months waiting on RM8, gave up and resumed w/RM7.