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Shared Fact, Roles and Sentence structure

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Posted 06 February 2020 - 01:58 AM



I have been trialling with shared facts, roles, and sentence structures -- but am at a loss!


I am working through a large number of historical letters around one person.  So, there are the letters written by an author (1) to a recipient (2), with another person often subject of the letter (3).


Ideally, I would like to see these letters "shared" between the people relevant to the respective letter, with respective roles assigned.  (I have seen a post somewhere else that this may be lost with a gedcom file transfer -- but right now it helps me for further research).


However, I keep running into troubles with the sentence structures.  It seems, I keep getting the "Author" right, but not the recipient or the subject.  This is an issue both with names within or outside the database.


So, for instance:


[Person:Author]<, [Place]> wrote a letter to [Recipient]<, dated [Date]>< with subject [Subject]>.

In author's profile, the fact sentence registers Author and Recipient, but "Subject" (i.e. a third person in my database or "just typed") is being ignored. However, a "just typed" name is correctly displayed!


[Recipient] received a letter from [Person:Author]<, [place]><, dated [date]><. with subject [Subject]>.

In recipient's profile, the fact sentence ignores recipient's name, but mentions author and subject (i.e. third person) and the the "just typed" name even with and "and".


[Subject] was subject of a letter by [Person:Author] <, [place]> to [Recipient]<, dated [date]>.

Ignores subject's name, but displays "just typed" name as subject, and mentions author and recipient correctly.


I have tried all possible variations I could think of, but after a number of hours did not get any better results.  If I add "Person:" before "Recipient" and "Subject", the Author's name is being displayed.


Anybody would have some advice?  Many thanks.











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Posted 06 February 2020 - 05:44 AM

For each witness type role, its default sentence should use [ThisPerson] as the variable to retrieve their name. Using [RoleName], e.g., "[Recipient]" in the Recipient's sentence template returns every other person having the role "Recipient". If there is only one person with that role, then their sentence would return a blank.


[Person;Author] seems to be an odd construct if you have assigned the role of Author to the Principal (can you assign a witness role to the Principal and still keep the latter?). In both Principal and "witness" types, [Person] always refers to the Principal. [Author] is a witness type.

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