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Copying RM files between computers

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Posted 11 January 2020 - 09:45 AM

RM needs a facility to copy RM files between computers using external media such as removable hard disks or USB thumb drives. The problem with the way doing so works now is that it often will require knowledge of Windows that many RM users do not have.

On the old computer, RM needs an feature to place a copy of either the current RM database or a backup the current RM database onto an external drive. On the old computer, this is really just the standard RM File>Copy or File>Backup facility. But while leaving the existing File>Copy and File>Backup menu options in place, there needs to be a new menu option called something like File>Copy to an external disk or USB. Under File>Copy to an external disk or USB the user should be able to specify that the file on the external disk or USB be in database format or in backup format. To simplify things for the user, the new feature should first offer the user a list of all available external drive letters, and often there will only be one.


On the new computer, RM needs a feature to place a copy of the database from the external drive or USB onto the new computer's hard disk. The feature could be called something like File>Copy from an external hard disk or USB. The user should first be offered a list of available external drive letters. RM then should identify all the eligible files on the hard disk or USB. Most of the time there should be only one. The user should select the file on the hard disk. RM should then ask the user where to place the file on the new hard disk. Having done so, RM should simply place it there. If the file was a backup file on the external medium, it should be converted to a database. If the file was a database file on the external medium, it should just be copied. Either way, after the copy is complete then RM should open the file. But the process of copying the file and the subsequent process of opening the file should be distinct and separate processes. Otherwise, all kinds of messes could occur.

I'm not a big fan of including RM's media in a backup file, but I suppose this new feature should offer copying the media as an option.