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#1 SomebodySmart


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Posted 29 December 2019 - 10:06 AM

I find the birth record. That is the best source for the birth. Other sources, such as the death record, draft card and membership card, are secondary sources. Somebody auditing my work does not need to know about the other sources necessarily. Therefore, the software needs an option to put one source above the others. I'm going through Italian records called marriage processetti, where they transcribed the birth or baptismal records of the bride and groom; and if their parents' consent is unavailable because they were deceased, or if the bride or groom is widowed, they also filed handwritten longhand transcriptions of the death record. Those are good to have but in many cases the image of the original is also available on the same website. Documenting both record images is best practice, but the image of the original record is primary.

#2 Nettie


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Posted 29 December 2019 - 11:56 AM

I am not sure what you are asking for. BUT when you open/or double click on the fact.  One the right hand side is a proof box. and a check box for primary source. I personally not in favor of the language used but it can be checked or stated which ever one fits your thinking and proofs. 

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Posted 29 December 2019 - 01:23 PM

There is another thread right now at RM's Facebook site about the same issue. If you have multiple citations, only some of which are really the best, then RM always uses all the citations in reports. There is no way to mark some of them as private or as secondary or anything like that.


RM does have proof box which it doesn't use for anything at the present time. But even if RM did use the proof box, I have a hard time seeing how settings in the proof box could be used to curate your citations as to which are shown in reports, which might be exported in GEDCOM, etc.