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Can't generate advanced web site

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#1 Dora



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Posted 29 September 2019 - 11:12 AM

I'm having a rather strange problem.  In Windows 7, when I generate a dynamic web site, the kind with javascript and HTML, it seems to generate a web site but nothing displays in my browser.   That is, the skeleton of a web site displays but my content is not there.   Index has a green bar and no content, and so forth.  When I click on individual XML pages it displays XML code instead of the page and only some details are there, like the place and date of birth but no person's nam


I am using Windows 7 and Chrome.   I got a message saying Chrome has to use something special so close all my Chrome browser, so I did, and it didn't help.  I also tried opening them in Internet Explorer and got exactly the same thing.


And what is the special thing that needs to be in Chrome for it to work?  It never told me and never gave me that message again.  Whatever it is Internet Explorer evidently doesn't have it either.  


It seems more people would be fussing if the entire web site creation feature does not work; is there something I need to do that I'm not doing to get it to work?    Do I need to install something different?  My Windows 7 OS is frankly set up pretty much to run Rootsmagic and one computer game, so maybe I need to install something I would have installed in an OS intended for regular use, though I installed Netwhatever and Flash.   


The software does create HTML pages that work, though not very workable for my purposes as the entire mechanism of getting from one place to another is hoaky, but, it seems to be not all there.  For instance, though I had notes clicked to be included they don't display on the family group sheets, and people who are married and show as married in my database don't show as married on  the web site!   For example, Nellie Moore is married to George Smith Dunsafe, and both have dates of death.  But she has no hyperlink to take you to a family group sheet with her husband in the web site.  

#2 Trebor22


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Posted 29 September 2019 - 12:42 PM

I don't use RM's web creation tool but I am aware the default settings in some browsers restrict javascript being run from files on hard drive for security reasons and I suspect this is the problem. You might try FireFox as I seem to remember this is a bit more tolerant or I suspect a google search would point you to the relevant settings in other browsers.

#3 TomH


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Posted 29 September 2019 - 01:43 PM

There is a command line launch parameter to allow Chrome to open local JavaScript files. The other way is to include the folder in a local host service and point Chrome to

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