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Can't back up to Google Drive

Google Drive Backup

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#1 Dora



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Posted 18 May 2019 - 03:11 PM

I can't back up to Google Drive.   I've been trying for several days.   It's the first time I've tried.  I've read what I can find of instructions, and they aren't systematically spelled out anywhere, but it seems intuitive enough.


There is evidently no way to just set it up to automatically back up to Google Drive.  Not that I'd necessarily know if there were.  Every time the matter comes up on this forum, someone refers people to something he wrote to some OTHER post that can never be found, instead of simply providing the instructions how to do it.   Would it KILL you to write a few extra words.   


If there were and I didn't do it than it would no more work than trying to use Family Search without setting it up first.    You set it up to ask you to create a backup on exiting the program, but you can't set up a specific backup method.    Which is a nuisance since no matter what your backup method is, you have to jump through an entire set of hoops each and every time you exit Rootsmagic.


So I click to close Rootsmagic, and it asks me if I want to backup this database.


I choose Google Drive.


I get an Authorize box.  I choose my account to continue to Rootsmagic.  


I allow Rootsmagic access to my Google account - AGAIN.    I've allowed Rootsmagic access to my Google account six times now.


Back comes a blank box with Authorize at the top, and nothing further happens.   


That's what I've got each and every time.


Please don't tell me that Google is failing at its end again, and we need to wait until Google fixes it again.  It was working and then it wasn't, and then it was working, and now it isn't, we just have to wait until Google fixes it AGAIN - I don't think so!    You and Google need to get it together!


If I could suggest, I don't know why we're clearly going through Rootsmagic's servers to back our data up to Google Drive; that is asking for an entire set of problems that I can't see why they need to exist.   Can you just set it up so our program backs up directly to Google Drive, like I expected it to do to begin with?    Rootsmagic does not need to be getting authorization to use our Google accounts to take our databases and upload them to Google Drive for us.  That is BOGUS.   


And, no, I do not want to hear everyone's DIFFERENT method of backing up my files, in answer to this question.  I say this because every other time the matter has come up, the person who posted it got "it broke, whatever" from Rootsmagic, sometimes together with "go to where I said how to do it here" and then the instructions are never there; and from other people, lots of instructions how to do anything BUT what they specifically said they want to be able to do.  That is simply nonresponsive.  Everything else on my computer backs up to Google Drive and I want Rootsmagic to automatically back up to Google Drive as well.   You provided a means to do that and you need to get it to work.    I do NOT want to get told how to do something completely different.  


You did start the whole thing by promising us we can backup our data to Google Drive.   You need to get it to work or withdraw it.  I am a paying customer, so if all I get is an attitude, I can atleast register a complaint with the Better Business Bureau!   That might teach you to answer better than "whatever" to any complaint.  


Thank you!



Dora Smith

#2 TomH


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Posted 19 May 2019 - 12:33 PM

Apart from Renee Zamora, we are all users-customers of RootsMagic who respond in this forum. So please forgive us for trying to be helpful.

The Save to Google function is broken.

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#3 DJY



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Posted 19 May 2019 - 09:00 PM

Has anyone seen an official post about when the Google backup function will be restored?  I searched but didn't find anything.  I rely heavily on that function, so I hope it's restored.  In the meantime, I backed up to a folder on my c: drive and then manually dropped the backup file (*.rmgb) into my Google drive for an off-site backup.  If someone knows a reason that workaround is a bad idea, please let me know!

#4 RWells1938


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Posted 20 May 2019 - 03:23 AM

I have never used the google backup function in fact I did not know it existed until this post. But I do this to backup my RM7 file to Google Drive.


When you install the Google Drive app it puts a Google Drive Folder/Directory on your hard drive. So in RM7's Program Options > Folders in the Default Folders make the Backup files point to your Google Drive Folder/Directory. Mine looks like this  Z:\RWells Data\Google Drive\RM7 Backup.



I am on a Mac but with this setup every time I EXIT the program I get the prompt to backup with the Backup this database selected I press the enter key. I press the enter key again and away it goes. Then Google Drive dose it's thing. Since I exit the program multi times a day I will also press the enter key again to override the old backup after the first time for the day. So I have a backup for each day that I use RM7. At the end of the month I usually delete some of the older backups.


No need to manually do anything except the exit key and enter key. And you have to do something else to prevent it from going to Google Drive so less likely to forget.


Hope this helps some. I am concerned about offering help as it may not be exactly what the original poster wanted and the tone of the post was somewhat threatening.

#5 Jerry Bryan

Jerry Bryan

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Posted 20 May 2019 - 06:09 AM

I have never used RM's "backup to Dropbox/Google Drive" functions. I use Dropbox rather than Google Drive and I use a procedure pretty much identical to that described by RWells1938 to make all my backups go to Dropbox. It seems to me that such a procedure is entirely adequate and that no time need be spent by RM developers to chase a moving API target on the part of either Google or Dropbox.


Perhaps all that is needed is some better documentation of how to set up RM to use Google Drive and Dropbox in this manner. Or perhaps there could even be an option where there could still be a "backup to Dropbox/Google Drive" that instead of using an API would simply locate the appropriate folder for you automatically.



#6 Renee Zamora

Renee Zamora

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Posted 20 May 2019 - 09:16 AM

I have not seen any updates on the Google Drive App situation. Local folders are the only option right now.