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Roots Wizard

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Posted 19 January 2019 - 07:47 PM

I discovered a new tool that has proven to be very useful. It's called Roots Wizard and it's a batch file that runs queries against the RM Database and creates groups and optionally color codes those entries that could use a little work. It looks for possibly missing family members, members whose status has changed on FamilySearch, etc. It's so fast that I thought it had failed, but it worked great. It is $10 and I'd say it's well worth the money just to have a quick method of sorting out areas that could use additional work.


I know this could be done in RM, but this is a very easy and fast way to make it happen and work through what needs to look looked into. Once a member has been finished, you can mark it with a new Fact type which is set up using this tool.


Note that this tool does NOT work on the Mac version either using Crossover nor in a VM unless the VM is isolated from the Mac (not difficult to do)



Here's the link:




Here's the user guide:




Here's the output and the changes that were made (and the time it took - 1 second!):

RootsWizard Group                   Records  Description                                       
----------------------------------  -------  --------------------------------------------------
RW01. Target Group                     3668  RootsWizard Target Group                          
RW02. Whats New on FamilySearch          24  Records with changes on FamilySearch              
RW03. Review: For Spouses              1766  Review for possible missing spouses               
RW04. Review: For Children               97  Review for possible missing children              
RW05. Review: For Parents              3123  Review for missing parents                        
RW06. Review: All Needing Review       3248  Records not yet reviewed                          
RW07. On Hold                             0  Records with the RW-On Hold fact                  
RootsWizard Color                   Records  Description                                       
----------------------------------  -------  --------------------------------------------------
Black                                     0  Not in RootsWizard Target Group                   
Gray                                    140  Records that are set to Living                    
Teal                                    280  Deceased and born less than 110 years ago         
Navy                                      0  Records that are On Hold                          
Brown                                     0  Records with events dated before DateLimit year   
Red                                    3133  Review for missing family                         
Maroon                                  115  Other records not yet reviewed                    
Blue                                      0  Records that have been reviewed                   
Total Data File Records                3668                                                    
RootsWizard Setting                   Value  Description                                       
----------------------------------  -------  --------------------------------------------------
AutoColor                                ON  RootsWizard colors are enabled                    
AutoTarget                               ON  Target Group set to automatic                     
DateLimit                               OFF  DateLimit is disabled                             
LDS-Support                             OFF  LDS-Support is disabled                           
Start time:    2019-01-18 08:21:35           
Finish time:   2019-01-18 08:21:36           
Elapsed time:  1 Seconds