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How to copy Ancestry Source Abstract Details to RM Source

Source Detail Abstract

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#1 Rick Landrum

Rick Landrum

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Posted 16 November 2018 - 01:58 PM

It has been some time since I first posted this question. At that time the response was that "you just have to go to Ancestry, copy the information, return to Roots Magic and paste into the research notes of the source". I was hoping that either something has changed, or that someone may have an alternate process that would be more efficient.

My question is:

Am I not understanding something, or is there a better way to capture the source abstract data and move it to RM?



When you use tree share to bring an event/fact from A.com into RM, the fact, the basic source data, and any media will import, but the source details listed in the A.com "source abstract" will not. If you want those details you have to go to the source in A.com, open the source abstract (hope I'm using the correct term), copy the details to your clipboard, then return to RM and paste the abstract details into the RM source Research Notes section. (At least this is the process I have been using). While it does work, It takes forever if you have numerous facts to transfer from A.com to RM. If you do not do this, all you end up with in RM is the basic source information and media. The details about the  source citation, that are available in A.com, do not transfer.



Census record source detail transferred from A.com to RM by TreeShare -

"Ancestry.com, 1810 United States Federal Census (Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2010), Year: 1810; Census Place: Iredell, North Carolina; Roll: 40; Page: 142; Image: 00447; Family History Library Film: 0337913."


Census abstract detail transferred from A.com to RM Source Detail/Research Notes manually by copy /paste -

"Alexander Ban

 in the 1810 United States Federal Census

Name: Alexander Ban

[Alexander Bain] 

Home in 1810 (City, County, State): Iredell, North Carolina

Free White Persons - Males - Under 10: 2

Free White Persons - Males - 26 thru 44 : 1

Free White Persons - Females - Under 10: 1

Free White Persons - Females - 26 thru 44: 1

Numbers of Slaves: 1

Number of Household Members Under 16: 3

Number of Household Members Over 25: 2

Number of Household Members: 6

Source Citation

Year: 1810; Census Place: Iredell, North Carolina; Roll: 40; Page: 142; Image: 00447; Family History Library Film: 0337913

Source Information

Ancestry.com. 1810 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2010. Images reproduced by FamilySearch.

Original data: Third Census of the United States, 1810. (NARA microfilm publication M252, 71 rolls). Bureau of the Census, Record Group 29. National Archives, Washington, D.C."



Any suggestions in this regard would be greatly appreciated.





#2 bjzgiznaz


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Posted 16 November 2018 - 02:08 PM

Rick, are you talking about the actual record? It seems as if you're quoting several things there: the source, the citation, and the search result.


While I wish Ancestry and RootsMagic did a better job of connecting and transferring sources and citations, I don't think it's reasonable to ask Rootsmagic to collect the result for you. Many people wouldn't even want that in their notes. That seems like your responsibility.


In any case, it doesn't do it.


#3 TomH


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Posted 16 November 2018 - 04:43 PM

The basic question is whether the Ancestry controlled API that RootsMagic uses for TreeShare even supports a transfer of this transcription data. It may not technically and there may be proprietary considerations that dictate that it never will. 

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#4 Rick Landrum

Rick Landrum

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Posted 16 November 2018 - 04:52 PM


I can see your point. However, the way I see it, if all I brought to RM was the source & citation data (in the above example) I would only have the type of record, the date, and the location. All of the other data would be lost to RM, but it is available in A.com. By bringing that data to the RM source research notes it would save having to go and collect it all in A.com in order to post it to RM.


I have some trouble naming the screen that I am referring to as the "source abstract" screen in A.com. From within A.com, if you click on an Ancestry source in a citation, a screen appears with two choices, view image or view record. If you click on "view record", a screen appears with extracted data from the event or fact record. The source information and citation appear below this panel. This extracted data is what I refer to as the "abstract", and it is what I copy and paste in my RM source research notes. Since Ancestry has already pulled this data, I see no reason why it should not be placed in either the source research notes, or at least in the comments, when TreeShare transfer the source to RM.


If a user did not want all the data in their RM event or fact record, it could stay in the source notes or comments for future reference.


Also, given Tom's comments, it sounds like there is a slim to none chance that the transfer of extracted data will be made available. So, I can just continue to snag the extracted data when needed using the copy paste method.


Appreciate the feedback.