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Fact sentence template and field options...

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#1 jdchess



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Posted 23 April 2018 - 01:33 PM

I was looking over the fact sentence field options that refer to a person or persons and I noticed that there is no option available for father, mother, or parents. This could be useful in crafting a fact sentence referring to someone's parents. For example, I use a custom fact called "Parents" in order to attach documentation to parentage. I currently use the description to list the parents and use [Desc] in the fact sentence...


[Person] is the <%son|daughter> of [Desc].




This works fine, but if there is any change to either parents' name, I have to remember to change it in the custom "Parents" fact description as well. If there was a [Mother], [Father], or [Parents] field option, then any change to names would carry over automatically to the fact sentence...


[Person] is the <%son|daughter> of [Father] and [Mother].




[Person] is the <%son|daughter> of [Parents].




There is another way to accomplish this by creating a "Father" and "Mother" role and then sharing the custom fact, but I avoid using shared facts for several reasons. Having [Parents], [Father], and [Mother] fact sentence field options would allow a way to accomplish the same thing without the need to share a custom fact. Not positive that others would agree, but I believe this would be a useful addition, and one I believe would not be extremely difficult to implement.

#2 Jerry Bryan

Jerry Bryan

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Posted 23 April 2018 - 05:34 PM

Interesting message, and I agree it would be a good addition. There might be a problem in case of multiple sets of parents.


I also an avoid shared facts - mostly. My reasons are the same as most people who avoid shared facts - the problems shared facts have being interchanged with other genealogy software. However, I have made two exceptions where I do share facts. In both cases, the idea is that my narrative reports are improved by the shared afcts and that the loss of the shared facts when interchanging with other genealogy software only loses information for formatting reports and doesn't lose any real data.


Exception #1 is that I share marriage and divorce facts and the like with both spouses. This has the salutary effect of listing the marriage and divorce events in the individual timelines in RM's narrative reports in addition to listing the marriage and divorce events in the family section of RM's narrative reports.


Exception #2 is that I have a Parent fact where the parents are listed as text in the Description field of the fact. In addition, I have a role for the Parent Fact called Birth of Child. This sounds a little bit backwards (as do many aspects of RM's shared facts), but this arrangement has the effect of listing a person's parents in the person's timeline and of listing the person in the parent's timeline as Birth of Child. To make the dates work and to make the report look ok, the Parent fact has the same date as the person's birth date and is forced for follow the birth date with a sort date. My sentence template for the Parent fact does not include the [Desc] field but rather allows the Parent fact's role to provide that information. In the event of GEDCOM export or other data interchange, the Birth of Child role would surely be lost but the parent information would still be retained by exporting the Description field in the GEDCOM - the same Description field that I don't print in reports because the data is available in RM reports via the role mechanism.


My sentence template for the Parent fact is

<b>Parents:</b>< [Birth_of_Child].>

This looks horribly strange as a template, but it does list the parents properly. It takes advantage of the fact that if both parents have the Birth_of_Child role, then the sentence template lists both parents and if there is only one parent then only one parent is listed.


My only little glitch with this procedure (aside from the apparent backwardness of the roles in order to get the reports to operate correctly) is that narrative reports already list the parents for each spouse. So I have a little script that removes this duplicate listing for the parents of the spouse before printing.


I'm surely overlooking an obvious and simple way to accomplish the same thing without things seeming backward. For example, it would seem "obvious" to create a Parent role for the Birth fact and to share this with the parents. But this would print only for the parents. I wanted something that would print for the original person. I would be delighted if someone could point out the error of my ways.  :)



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Posted 28 June 2018 - 05:44 AM

Did this make it to the feature/update request list?

#4 Renee Zamora

Renee Zamora

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Posted 28 June 2018 - 11:56 AM

Confirming it is on the enhancement request list. I will also move this to the Sentence & Source Template forum.