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Married names in Calendar report

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#1 Sparro



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Posted 30 March 2018 - 11:03 AM

There is a problem (bug) in the Calendar report.
Steps to reproduce are:
Select: Reports > Calendar
On the Report Settings (Calendar) screen I use a named list and tick all boxes under 'People to include' (ie. living, married names and age) and the top two boxes under 'Events to include' (ie. birthdays and anniversaries).
Click : Generate Report and the calendar is created.
The problem is this:
For anniversaries, the married couples are shown as MaleGiven & FemaleGiven MALESURNAME (which is correct as the 'Use married names for females' box is ticked) and the married female's birthdays also result in  FemaleGiven MALESURNAME. However, for unmarried couples, there is no anniversary (again correct as there is no marriage event) but for the birthdays of these females of these unmarried couples the result is FemaleGiven MALESURNAME (and this is incorrect)
Now, when I goto 'Settings' and uncheck the 'Use married names for females' box and re-generate the report all females revert to being listed with their Maiden names (which again is correct).
So the problem is that unmarried women, linked as a spouse with no marriage event, are not being shown with the correct version of their Surname in the calendar report when the 'Use married names for females' box is checked.
Yes, I know I could remove them from the 'named list' and thereby remove them from the calendar but they are in a relationship (whether it be de facto, common law, or just 'living in sin') and these calendars are generally produced to remind us of birthdays and anniversaries, so to remove them (IMO) defeats the purpose of the report.
Asking that this be included in the list of bugs to be corrected and apologies if this problem has been raised before.

#2 Renee Zamora

Renee Zamora

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Posted 30 March 2018 - 12:30 PM

The Calendar wasn't designed to look at the usage of maiden or married named based on an actual marriage fact being entered. It is based on relationship. That is why you are seeing them all listed with a married surname when you check that option. Confirming it is on the enhancement request list to look at that. Though you will run into the same issue for a married women that doesn't take on her spouse's surname.