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TreeShare Foibles - Family Facts, Inconsistencies, Phantoms et al


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#1 TomH


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Posted 07 January 2018 - 11:00 AM

A discussion on FB has drawn me into the TreeShare spaghetti of issues. It started with the complaint about "Residence (fam)" fact label on an Ancestry Member Tree created by a TreeShare Upload being changed to "Residence (family)" when the fact was updated to AMT for a change that had been made in RM. TreeShare no longer matches these otherwise identical facts so the fact on one side has to be added to the other and the remaining unmatched one deleted. Adding to RM may result in a custom individual fact type with "(family)" in the name - a source of confusion. Re-adding to AMT means deleting the renamed fact separately from both spouses. It gets more complicated because the TS Update to AMT only changes the value for the fact for one spouse - why not both?


I've pulled on a few spaghetti strings and tried to document my findings for other users to learn from, analyse, contribute to... and for RM developers to focus some corrective effort. They are Google Slides slideshows:


1. TreeShare Foibles #1 Family Facts (A)

2. TreeShare Foibles #2 Family Facts ( B) 

3. TreeShare Foibles #3 - Fact Update Causes Mismatch


What little use I have made with TS has been for download so I had not noticed that a TS upload of a RM family-type fact produces a special fact on AMT. I understand that all AMT facts are supposed to be individual-type but uploads result in the other spouse's name being hyperlinked from the fact on the AMT Facts and Timeline pages of a person's Profile, just as is seen for (some) Marriage facts generated on the AMT from an Ancestry Source Hint. I haven't found a way to create such spousal hyperlinks through the AMT UI and, somehow, these cross-linked individual facts do get transformed through a download or a TS Add update from AMT to RM into RM family-type facts. So if TS Upload and Download can create these "family" versions on either side, why can't TS Update propagate changed values from one family fact in RM to both individual facts for the spouses on AMT and, likewise, in the opposite direction?

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#2 Jerry Bryan

Jerry Bryan

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Posted 07 January 2018 - 09:58 PM

Excellent piece of analysis. I admire your diligence in dealing with such fine details of TreeShare behavior, especially since some aspects said behavior are pretty confounding.


There are many, many such foibles in TreeShare. Some of them are probably fixable and some of them probably are not because of limitations in the API and differences in the data models between RM and ancestry. I do hope that some of the foibles are addressed if doing so is technically possible, but hopefully only after RM8 gets out the door.



#3 Renee Zamora

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Posted 08 January 2018 - 05:39 PM

Confirming this is on the development list. 


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Posted Yesterday, 05:06 PM

Excellent analysis. Thanks...


I was just about to post on the same point. I am seeing for shared facts "Residence (Fam)", "Census (Fam)" that the current version is NOT uploading source citations to AMT from RM. The fact itself gets uploaded as a "FAM" fact but no source is sent.


If you do an update and select the source to be uploaded then AMT gets switched to "FAMILY" fact, AND, the source is still not being uploaded.


Now, Add the RM FAM type fact to AMT while at the same time deleting the AMT FAMILY type fact and that person is back where you were at the beginning. FAM type listings in both RM and AMT.


Now swap to the spouse of the person you were messing with and you see BOTH the FAM and FAMILY type facts in AMT. Yuk and a right pain to clean up.


Clearly the TS feature is missing a trick in keeping the spouses linked when one is updated via TS as well as some bugs in moving source citations around.