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User Defined Sources and Ancestry Treeshare

Treeshare Ancestry Sources

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Posted 30 October 2017 - 02:44 PM

Apologies if this has been asked before but...


I looked in FAQ from the pinned article on Treeshare and could find my specific issue. So here goes.


When I upload a fact with a User Source Defined Citations to Ancestry via Treeshare the source information comes over with missing information. I can see that the source "Title" is being taken from the Source in RM somewhere. BUT, Which part...


Example: I have a User Defined Template for UK 1861 Census. In Ancestry the Source is transferred with the TITLE set to

"1861 Census for , Page , Item ."


Clearly this is not useable for others looking at my tree.


The Source template for this Source has

FOOTNOTE: [CensusID:Year] Census for [County] [Country]: <i>[Parish]</i><, <[RegSubDistrict], >[RegDistrict]>. <i>[ItemOfInterest]</i> etal. RG[Class] -< PN[Piece]>< F[Folio]>< ED[ED]>< SN[ItemID]><, Page [PageID]>; of the National Archives of the UK.


SHORT: <sc>c</sc>[CensusID:Year] [County] [Country]: <i>[Parish]</i><, [RegDistrict]>. TNA RG[Class] -< PN[Piece]>< F[Folio]>< ED[ED]>< SN[ItemID]><, Page [PageID]>.


BIBLIO:Census of England and Wales on the [CensusID] in the county of [County] for <[Place], >[Parish]<, in enum' district [ED] of [RegSubDistrict], [RegDistrict]>. <Item [ItemID] the h|H>ousehold of <i>[ItemOfInterest]</i>. Class RG[Class]; Piece [Piece];< Folio [Folio];> Page [PageID] of the National Archives of the UK.



The highlighted parts appearing in the "TITLE" which seems to start with bits from the FOOTNOTE to the first citation details field and goes crazy after that.....



The Ancestry details field is simply the semicolon separated list of Source Details from RM. Fair enough. but should the Ancestry Source fields "Transcription of Text" or "Other information" not be filled in with the FOOTNOTE fully parsed so it is meaningful text?


I am sure I am missing something here, So apologies if it is me....




Should I be creating specific fields in a source template for use by RM to transfer data to Ancestry? If so, Which Fields and what type?


Can the Owner of the FAQ for Treeshare add a section on Sources and User Templates for use with Ancestry



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Posted 30 October 2017 - 08:41 PM

Ancestry sources downloaded via TreeShare are stored in RM's Ancestry Record source template, except for Ancestry Member Tree sources which use a template so named. Sources you create in RM transfer most transparently to an AMT by using these source templates.

The mishmash you are seeing is the unmitigated trap of using RM source templates other than Free Form or Book, Basic Format and those essentially the same.

For more, see http://sqlitetoolsfo...ource TemplatesIt's an old issue that RM Inc has failed to sort out.

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Posted 01 November 2017 - 07:10 PM

Thanks for the links,



I look at this further and noted that if the information comes from the master source part of the source then it is transferred to Ancestry. If it is Source Detail then it is NOT transferred.


It seems the Source is not parsed fully to fill in the detail before transfer to Ancestry.


There needs to be much more work here to fix the bugs