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Dealing with GEDCOMs

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Posted 31 August 2017 - 08:14 PM

Having dealt with many programs I see wonderful reporting, publishing and synchronization capabilities in many of them. What I don't see is "grunt work" capabilities in most of them.


For example there is an excellent series of videos on converting lists to GEDCOM using Excel. For people like me that know Excel that's wonderful. What doesn't exist is an easy way to convert various lists to GEDCOM without Excel. I can do it, my sister can't.


I also use GenMerge. Which is really cool because it does all manner of reporting and error checking against GEDCOM files, and can also merge them. User friendly, no so much.


What I'm working on today is a means to dump GEDCOMs from several sources into a DB and report on them to find issues, as well as dump various lists into the same DB in a CSV format. Output would be GEDCOM.


The whole point is to have a means to find issues and consolidate information in a raw and non-proprietary format before dumping it into a reporting and documentation program like RootsMagic. Obviously some programs import GED files better than others, but maybe something presenting them with GEDCOM 5.5 file from whatever input would encourage some standardization.


What I'm doing is dumping out something that RM and others can import to save me cleanup time. I'm sure there are some other ideas I could expand on from a parse/cleanup standpoint.


This is GEDCOM parse/error or getting text to GEDCOM only. My utopian solution is delivering data to RM that will easily merge.