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backups and external drive copies

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Posted 26 August 2017 - 04:01 PM

was not sure where to post this so opted for a new topic....fyi i used to use PAF and it was wonderful, i knew it like the back of my hand. sadly since moving to MAC that is not an option. So i found Rootsmagic which seemed pretty good. except for now....


i am running most recent version of roots magic. tho i have not been using it in quite some time i recently got into it again. 


my 120gb hard drive on macbook was getting full so i opted to copy all my genealogy folders to external drives figuring i could access those files from my mac. well, not so. the folder was greyed out. 

i did manage to make a copy of that folder and copied the family file to my HD and got my data opened.  


been having lots of little issue but maddening. I opened on macbook the family file and entered some new individuals and updates to a few others. at that point i did not do a backup. so when I saw that my info was not in the file, i again reentered it. and did a backup.


today i logged into enter another persons info and found that all the info i had entered previously is not there. i could not open the backup file .rmgb either. so what good is that file if one cannot open it. 


so first off, what am i doing wrong in that my info is not being saved in the file i am working on?

i will keep trying to figure this out while waiting for a reply.



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Posted 26 August 2017 - 05:50 PM

I'm not a Mac person, but I do know that RM saves your data as you go on a Mac just like it does on a PC. You do not have to do a File->Save as you do with many programs. Indeed, RM doesn't even have a File->Save option.


When you shut down RM and come back to it later the same day or on another day, how do you start it up? The correct mode of operation is to start the RM program and re-open your RM database with File->Open. Do not double click your RM database or anything like that as the way to open the file. And when you do a File->Open from within RM, what do you see? You should see a list of all your RM databases, and for a lot of users just starting out there will be only one RM database.



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Posted 27 August 2017 - 01:27 AM

Some thoughts

How is your external drive formatted? Is the Mac happy to read and write to that drive?

How are the Folder Options set in Tools/Program Options? If the Y drive is set here, then RM is set to use folders within you Mac user data.