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New user question on citations


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Posted 23 July 2017 - 06:52 PM

Hi! I am a new user and I have a question about using the various source options in RM 7. I want to understand what all the various fields mean and provide. So I picked a source to exercise the various fields. I have a marriage certificate from Ancestry.com. I have the URL as well as the image downloaded on my HD. Below is a list of things I've done.

I note that they don't seem to provide information to citations although they can be created and associated there. I see I could print out a list of repos which might be handy when I'm going to travel somewhere and maybe stop and do some research.
1. Added Ancestry.com as a repository. Not sure that this gives me much, more for completeness I guess.

2. Added Missouri State Archives as a repository. I actually filled in a lot of info for this for when I travel.
Master Source
I have to get used to these odd naming conventions. A source is a source and a citation is a citation :). I see I can use templates or free-form entry. I decided to see what these templates provide.

3. Used a civil marriage master source template filled out such that the footnote looks like this: [ItemOfInterest], ([ItemDate]), Missouri, Marriage Records, 1805-2002: [Page]; Ancestry.com, Provo, Utah. The first thing I notice is that it asks me for all the repository info I just filled out under step 1 above. This doesn't make much sense to me. Maybe it is the template I am using, shrug. I expect the footnote to be only partially filled in since I haven't cited anything yet. The bibliography concerns me, however. Bibliography: Utah. Utah. Ancestry.com, Provo. database on-line.

4. Added a source comment: Original data: Missouri Marriage Records. Jefferson City, MO, USA: Missouri State Archives. Microfilm. I want to ensure that I can point back to the source of the derived Ancestry record. Is this the right way?

5. Created a citation and filled it in for the actual marriage such that the footnote is now: Certificate of Marriage, Richard Thomas James Bayne to Elizabeth Helen Blackford, (12 February 1938), Missouri, Marriage Records, 1805-2002: 65; Ancestry.com, Provo, Utah.

6. Detail Text: [Transcribed by Daniel Charles Dennison 7/23/2017. Image quality is very bad.] I am not including what I transcribed to save space.

7. Detail Comments: [URL to Ancestry.com pointing to the record]. I need a way to provide the URL to record. Can't find anywhere else to put it?

8. Detail Text Web Tag: [URL to Ancestry.com pointing to the record]. Not sure if I should use 7 or 8, couldn't really find good documentation on what Web Tags are for Detail Text.

9. Media: Pointing to my HD copy of the file. I like to store my records in case I lose my subscriptions. It also makes it easy to pass around info this way.

10. Filled out quality tab.


Am I using these fields correctly? Too much or too little? I tried to find a record that would force me to fill out most of the fields so I could see what they do. The bibliography seems wrong to me. The citation also doesn't include the source the image is from.


Thanks!  Dan

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Posted 23 July 2017 - 07:07 PM

Your question was quite lengthy, but I will offer only this brief answer.


The RootsMagic folks provide an extensive amount of training material in the form of videos and printed matter.  When I started, I watched several of the videos and it got me off to a running start.  Check out the Getting Started with RootsMagic webinar, and particularly the Sources, Citations and Documentation with RootsMagic webinar here:  https://www.rootsmagic.com/webinars/


Good luck!

#3 Renee Zamora

Renee Zamora

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Posted 24 July 2017 - 11:00 AM

31. New Source and Citation Features in RootsMagic 5