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Ver 7.5: Marriage Facts & Child Import

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Posted 06 July 2017 - 11:25 AM

So far I'm finding ver 7.5 working well with the Ancestry connections.  However, today I notice two issues that may need to be fixed.


First, when importing a Marriage fact from Ancestry RM does not offer the opportunity to associate that event with a spouse.  It creates a single event for that person, rather than asking the user to "verify" the person's spouse and embed their name into the marriage fact.  While you can properly D/L the Ancestry marriage info to each spouse, you'll still have to create a marriage event in RM to connect the spouses with that information (if that's your desire) and then delete the individual marriage facts D/Ld from Ancestry.


Second Item.  I inadvertently added a child (from an Ancestry tree) to its mother (in RM) without first adding the child's father to RM. When I did add the father it somehow created a duplicate child with a new record number.  When I inspected my RM pedigree tree for each I found the child added without its father having been entered created a "mini" family consisting of 4 people - each was a replication of the "phantom" child, but all 4 had the same record number.  Deleting the leftmost child in RM removed all 4 persons.  In hind sight it may have been helpful if I had captured the screen image of that "mini family" tree...

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Posted 07 July 2017 - 10:19 AM

1. Ancestry doesn't have family facts. It adds two individual facts to the couple that can be modified independently. That is why they are individual facts coming into RootsMagic. In TreeShare we can add a fact to both spouses. In WebHints we are only able to add one to the person you are viewing. 


2. To remove phantom children go to File>Database Tools and run all options in consecutive order. You can skip Compact Files if you want. Then refresh the family you are on by moving to another and come back, the phantoms will be gone. If you need to unlink people that were adding incorrectly linked then use right click Unlink>From Spouse (or Parents). When adding them back use "Select Existing Person".