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Hoping for help with witness sentence

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#1 robertjacobs0


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Posted 18 June 2017 - 07:27 PM

This is driving me crazy. I'm trying to devise a Residence(family) sentence template for sharees which will return


1. A, as the child of X and Y, lived with them at [place,etc.]

2. A and B, as the children of X and Y, lived with them at [place,etc.]

3  A, B, and C, as the children of X and Y lived with them at [place,etc.]


For some reason I don't seem to get the plural switch to work properly. The children/child switch is working OK. This is what I have so far:


<#Bx_child_resident#[ThisPerson:first]< and [Otherpersons:first]|[ThisPerson:first]<, [Otherpersons:first]>>>, as [Husband] and [Wife]'s <?[Otherpersons:first]|children|child>, lived with them< at [PlaceDetails:plain]>< in the [Place:first:plain]>< [Date]>.


( Bx_child_resident ) is a role I have added to the Residence (Family) fact for reasons unrelated to this inquiry.)


All suggestions happily & gratefully received -- and many thanks for putting in the time.




#2 TomH


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Posted 19 June 2017 - 03:45 AM

The plural switch tests for plural, singular and none so [OtherPersons] should be the subject. Try

<#OtherPersons#[ThisPerson], [OtherPersons]|[ThisPerson] and [OtherPersons]|[ThisPerson]>, as...


You could move [ThisPerson] out of and ahead of the switch.

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