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<person> at beginning of sentence

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#1 Nettie


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Posted 14 March 2017 - 03:13 PM

Been adding a new fact type and the sentence is starting with <person>   but when it runs in the persons data sheets it does not display the name of the person.  All the facts that are built in have the same <person>  as the first word & seem to work.    Have tried <[person]> and <Thisperson]> did not work the first time.  


Stopped writing this post and went back Tried <[person]> this way again and it worked.????  Then I put <Date> in the front position of the sentence and did not work, but added <[Date]> and it worked.  So there must have been a change in the way the software works.  Fine with me.  Just thought I'd better say something.


My new fact type is !CensusFind    Using the Desc to put what dates are missing. Then I have a good RL, Research Log, for updating census records.  Part of my Do-Over Genealogy...   :)    Sentence reads:

<[Date]>, <[person]> needs Census records <[Desc]> <[Place]>.

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#2 Renee Zamora

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Posted 14 March 2017 - 03:31 PM

I think you were remembering it wrong Nettie. The sentence template have always needed the [bracket].


#3 Jerry Bryan

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Posted 14 March 2017 - 04:18 PM

I think you were remembering it wrong Nettie. The sentence template have always needed the [bracket].


Correct. And indeed, there are cases where you might not really need the <angle brackets> at all. For example, your sentence could conceivably just be

[Date], [person] needs Census records [Desc] [Place].

Variables are in [square brackets]. The only function of the <angle brackets> is to omit everything inside the <angle brackets>, including omitting any punctuation inside the <angle brackets>, when the variable inside the [square brackets] is null. I usually include the <angle brackets> out of habit because they do no harm when they are not needed, but they often are not really needed.