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FamilySearch Central Stalls on Ordinance Status Updating

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#1 Family Tree

Family Tree

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Posted 10 November 2015 - 09:19 PM

I use the "FamilySearch Central" screen to keep LDS Ordinance status up-to-date and to tell me who still needs temple ordinances and who doesn't. However, this updating process often stalls out and many records are not updated properly. I believe this is caused when records have trouble being updated by one of three causes:

  1. When records are merged on Family Tree giving the person's record a different FamilySearch ID than the one in the RM data file.
  2. When a record is deleted on Family Tree but the RM data file still has a link to the non-existent record.
  3. When a record is for an IOUS (individual of unusual size) record that is very large because it has been merged many times and is hard to load.

There may be other causes as well, but you get the idea. It appears that RM tries to continue when it encounters such records, but when enough problem records exist in the RM database, it chokes and cannot finish. The only solution that I have found is to devise methods to manually identify the problem records and resolve them by opening them individually within RM. Currently I have about 30,000 records matched with Family Tree and it is a royal pain to get the updating working again.


I've raised this problem before on this post: http://forums.rootsm...ersons-problem/


I'm asking that RootsMagic be fixed to handle these problem records more effectively. Here are some possible approaches to address the problem:

  1. Change the updating process to automatically change the FamilySearch ID for records that have a new FamilySearch ID after being merged. It already does this if the record is opened manually in the FamilySearch Person Tools screen, after displaying an error message.
  2. Similarly, change the updating process to automatically unlink from the FamilySearch record when it has been deleted on Family Tree.
  3. Change the updating process so that, when a record cannot load properly for one of the above reasons, it times out and moves on to the next record rather than getting "stuck".
  4. Add an information item to the lower right corner of the FamilySearch Central screen that shows how many records have not yet been updated, in addition to the other categories (Reserved/In Progress, Need More Info, Ready, and Done).
  5. Provide a way to see a clickable list of the records that: had their FamilySearch ID changed, had the link removed to FamilySearch, or that timed out for some other reason, such as being an IOUS record. This will allow the user to easily open these records and act on them.

What do you say? I brought this up two years ago and it's still an issue. Will you please solve it?





#2 Renee Zamora

Renee Zamora

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Posted 11 November 2015 - 11:20 AM

Confirming enhancement requests and issues are noted in our tracking system. We have been working on this, but cannot release things unless they work.