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Data transferred in Drag and Drop or full RM Specific gedcom

Gedcom Drag and Drop

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#1 Laura


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Posted 18 October 2015 - 11:57 PM

I am using the latest version of RM 7.  There has been some changes in what data is transferred when doing a Drag and drop of an existing database into a new database.

I didn't find any differences in what was imported using a full gedcom with RM specifics checked.


Full gedcom:
Lists, Fact type lists: All facts have Gedcom checked
Gedcom export: all choices checked under Data to include. Include Private facts and and Private notes are checked.


Using a gedcom, you can choose to add a source and keep the same record numbers when the gedcom is imported.



Any fact must be marked for Gedcom on the Fact type list to be included in Drag and Drop or exported in a gedcom.



Living people:

Drag and Drop exports everyone you select whether living or dead unless you use the Living tag as a filter to exclude people.


Exporting a gedcom gives you choices about exporting Living people and what to export.



To exclude a fact from Drag and Drop or exporting in a gedcom, copy the database.  In the copy, unmark Gedcom for the facts you do not want transferred or exported.  Do the Drag and Drop or gedcom from the copy.


User defined facts:  Everything is transferred including fact sentences for user defined facts that have been used.   Unused user defined facts do not transfer.

RM defined facts:  Changes in Use and Include choices do not transfer.  Changes in the default Principal sentence do not transfer.  Those changes will have to be entered manually.

I have created a Base database which only has changed RM defined facts and some  preferences which are not imported.  No sources, places, etc. in it.  When I get ready to drag and drop my database, I will copy that Base database and drop my database  into it.  If I keep the Base database up to date, I can use a cooy of that database when I want to create a new database.

Used Sharee roles and default sentences are transferred.  Unused sharee roles do not transfer.  Any unused Sharee roles would need to be manually added in the new database.  I will not be doing that.


Private facts are still marked Private when transferred by Drag and Drop. When exporting a gedcom, there is a choice.


Private notes are transferred by Drag and Drop.  When exporting a gedcom, there is a choice.

Places:  Unused places are transferred.

Place details:  Unused place details do not transfer.  If wanted, unused place details would have to be entered manually.  I will not be doing that either.

All  Master sources are transferred including unused sources.
User defined source templates:  All user defined templates are transferred including unused templates.

Media:  Untagged media is not transferred.

Repository:  Repositories which are not used are transferred.

ToDo:  All ToDos are transferred including General ToDos.

Research logs:  All research logs including General Research logs are transferred.

Addresses:  General addresses do not transfer.

Correspondence list:  this list was transferred.

Groups and Bookmarks are not transferred.

Custom reports are not transferred.

Publisher books are not transferred.

Not a Problem list is not transferred.

Import files:  I wanted to see which choices to mark to retain some unused items that I want to retain that are not included before I drag and drop my database into the new database.

Fact type will include unused user defined facts.
Multimedia items will include untagged media.  This will probably be the only item I mark.


Instead of posting additional information in a new post, I am adding it to this post so it is all in one post.

#2 Renee Zamora

Renee Zamora

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Posted 19 October 2015 - 07:34 AM

Before I test all this, are you saying it behaved differently using RM6?


#3 Laura


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Posted 19 October 2015 - 11:25 AM

I don't know which versions any of the changes were made in.

I didn't experiment with this to this extent in RM 6 that I remember. I don't remember what version I was using when I last did it. At a guess, it was 4 or 5.

I do know that when Research logs were introduced, I had to link General logs to a fake person and transfer the fake person.

I don't know when General ToDo's or unused Places became transferable.

#4 Vyger


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Posted 26 October 2015 - 10:27 AM

Just for the record I would like to voice my opinion that drag and drop should be as full as possible a transfer, excluding fact type restrictions. I cannot see why any user would wish to apply restrictions dragging and dropping to their own work, and if they did they could specifically use traditional gedcom export/import.


It is far too easy to use drag and drop at present forgetting about some custom restricted for gedcom output for privacy or other reasons resulting in the fact being lost. At the very least RM should warn about fact type restrictions being applied but this would become very annoying to users.


Again this is a problem inherent in the maintenance of several small fragmented databases rather than one complete master database.

Keeping ones customers and their important views at a distance is never a good approach


User of Family Historian 7.0, Rootsmagic 7.6.3


Excel to Gedcom conversion - simple getting started tutorials here



#5 Laura


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Posted 29 October 2015 - 10:59 AM

A warning in Red on the Gedcom export screen could be put on that screen below the Privacy choices in the right pane or at the top of the screen.


WARNING, only facts with Gedcom checked on the Fact type list will be included.

On the Drag and Drop screen a warning in Red could be put at the top of the screen or at the bottom of the screen.

WARNING, only facts with Gedcom checked on the Fact type list will be included.  Private facts and Private notes are included.

In my main database, all facts have Gedcom checked on the Fact type list.  RM program facts have Gedcom checked by default.

If I want to Drag and Drop or export a gedcom with certain facts not included, I copy the database.  I uncheck Gedcom in the copy and Drag and Drop or export the gedcom from the copy.


#6 Renee Zamora

Renee Zamora

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Posted 29 October 2015 - 11:58 AM

Confirming enhancement requests are in our tracking system.