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RootsMagic 7 Update History

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Posted 08 December 2014 - 02:42 PM

Current Version is 7.2.4



7.2.4 - 5 June 2017

  • Updates for some changes in the FamilySearch ordinance API

7.2.3 - 24 January 2017

  • Speeds up most FamilySearch features
  • Fixes SQLite error when working with the "Not matched" list in FamilySearch
  • Fixes freezing which some users encountered with some FamilySearch features
  • Fixes issues when using RootsMagic with international versions of Windows - 14 December 2016

  • Fixes "Not matched to FamilySearch" filter on ShareData screen
  • Adds progress dialog for backup - 6 December 2016

  • Fixes an issue with a FamilySearch change that causes unrelated persons to appear as spouses in the Share Data screen
  • Adds a couple of newly dedicated temples - 24 May 2016

  • Numerous minor fixes - 4 May 2016

  • New: Added Findmypast WebHints
  • Numerous minor fixes - 14 March 2016

  • Fixed: Phantom media links could occur during direct FTM import
  • Fixed: Media and source links could be wrong in direct FTM import from 2008/2009 files
  • Fixed: Other smaller direct FTM import issues - 12 March 2016

  • Fixed: Several issues related to direct FTM import - 11 March 2016

  • New: Direct import of Family Tree Maker 2104.1 for Mac and Windows
  • New: FamilySearch merge now allows reconciling sources for the person being merged
  • Fixed: Several issues with special dates during FTM direct import
  • Fixed: Direct FTM import sometimes missed names with diacritics
  • Fixed: Better handling of FTM backups with illegal media filenames - 8 March 2016

  • Fixed: Direct FTM import wasn't setting Living flag
  • Fixed: Direct FTM import wasn't setting birth/death year in side list
  • Fixed: Direct FTM import AKA facts weren't showing in person's edit screen - 7 March 2016

  • New: Direct import of Family Tree Maker 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 for Windows (*.ftm, *.ftmb)
  • New: Direct import of Family Tree Maker 3 for Mac (*.ftm, *.ftmb)
  • New: Direct import of Family Tree Maker 2010 and 2012 for Mac (*.ftmm, *.ftmd)
  • New: Added LDS temple codes for Provo City Center, Tijuana Mexico, Sapporo Japan, Fort Collins Colorado, and Philadelphia Pennsylvania temples
  • Fixed: Small bug fixes - 4 January 2016

  • New: Option on Family Group Sheets to only print "basic" (b, ch, d, bur, marr) facts
  • Fixed: Select exit from the Mac menu at the top of the screen closes RM properly
  • Fixed: Importing GEDCOM from FTM imports addresses as an address fact now - 30 December 2015

  • Fixed: Importing GEDCOM from FTM now imports all built in FTM fact types
  • Fixed: Importing GEDCOM from FTM imports media date, description, and note
  • Fixed: Primary name sources and media in GEDCOM files are imported as general sources and media
  • Fixed: Children in each family are sorted by birth after importing FTM GEDCOM file
  • Fixed: Importing a GEDCOM from FTM Mac converts the media paths to preserve media links
  • Fixed: Some death information was being skipped when importing a FTM GEDCOM
  • Fixed: Numerous other tweaks to the import for FTM GEDCOM files - 17 December 2015

  • Fixed: Importing GEDCOM from FTM with long fact descriptions will put the description into the fact note rather than just truncate it
  • Fixed: Importing GEDCOM from FTM preserves the "profile" or "primary" photo for a person
  • Fixed: Importing GEDCOM from FTM preserves links to the online source for citations (as a WebTag)
  • New: A person's media album now displays media attached to citations belonging to the person - 1 December 2015

  • Fixed: Sending a fact to FamilySearch Family Tree now includes a "standardized" version of the place to eliminate the "Missing Standardized Place" error when viewing the place on the Family Tree Website. - 7 August 2015

  • Fixed: Installer now automatically adds registry entry to Windows 10 to fix a bunch of things: text not displaying in certain areas, WebSearch not working, backup to Dropbox and Google Drive not allowing login.
  • Fixed: Random crashes for some Mac users when switching to other screens (like a browser) and back to RM.  Note: Mac users need to download and install this update directly from our website rather than using the built-in updater because the Mac update includes additional fixes that aren't included in the built-in updater version.  Here is that direct download: http://files.rootsma...Magic-7-Mac.dmg
  • Fixed: Internal low level enhancements to FamilySearch Family Tree integration
  • New: Added link to Magic Guides to the Help > Learning Center - 17 July 2015

  • Updated: New code to handle breaking changes FamilySearch is making to their API the end of July 2015.  If you use RootsMagic to access FamilySearch Family Tree, you must install this update to keep using it after that time.
  • New: Added LDS temple codes for Payson Utah, Indianapolis Indiana, Trujillo Peru, and Cordoba Argentina temples
  • Fixed: TMG import was importing double dates offset by one year
  • Fixed: WebHints were losing "Match Person to FamilySearch When Hints Found" setting when closing program
  • Fixed: Disproven facts can now be displayed on websites
  • Fixed: Database Tools could conflict with WebHints running in the background. - 7 March 2015

  • New: Option to automatch to FamilySearch when collecting WebHints
  • Fixed: WebTags are no longer exported to GEDCOM when user chooses to exclude RM specific data
  • Fixed: Family Origins direct import sometimes added incorrect repositories to sources
  • Removed: Two features in the Temple Work form of FamilySearch Central.  These 2 features (card tracking and request list) were removed from the FamilySearch API in January 2015, causing these features to stop working in RootsMagic. The tabs have been replaced with links where you can ask FamilySearch to restore these features which will allow third-party products such as RootsMagic to continue to support these features. - 28 January 2015

  • Fixed: Random access violation errors when using WebHints in version 7.0.3.x
  • New: Mapping will now display place details for the place (if the place detail has been geocoded)
  • New: User can enter their MyHeritage email address to filter out some of the hints from their own MyHeritage tree - 27 January 2015

  • Fixed: Adding a person to FamilySearch without a death fact works again (FamilySearch had made a change which broke this)
  • Fixed: Issues with WebSearch for FamilySearch and Ancestry message boards
  • Fixed: RootsMagic To-Go Launcher would sometimes not run because of Windows permissions
  • Fixed: GEDCOM import now handles SPFX (surname prefix) tag
  • Fixed: Direct TMG import doesn't read Separation as Excommunication anymore
  • New: RootsMagic will now ask if you want WebHints enabled the first time you open an RM file
  • New: Added Alt+G hotkey for QuickGroups on edit person screen
  • New: Added FindMyPast to WebSearch tab
  • Fixed: Numerous minor bug fixes - 8 December 2014

  • New: Info button in File Compare source copy now brings up citation edit screen
  • New: File Compare now takes Unique ID into account (and displays %match in blue for UniqueID matches)
  • Fixed: Long delays could occur after editing a person in very large databases
  • Fixed: Updating large groups in large databases could take a very long time
  • Fixed: Cancelling during File Compare works properly now
  • Fixed: Memory leak when searching or selecting by criteria for a person's name
  • Fixed: Numerous minor bug fixes - 25 November 2014

  • Initial release