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How best to store "loose" notes

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#1 Cumberland


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Posted 05 December 2014 - 02:22 PM

What is the best way to store cut-and-pasted material I'd like to assign to a person in RootsMagic 7 - without using a tag to do so?
For example, say I want to paste in a URL and write a personal narrative.
Is there nothing like a "Notes" field I can use to record data I do not necessarily want to show up on reports? Here is a verbatim example I'd like to paste in a big note field:
Henry Francis was born in 1733. According to the earliest known record, on February 1st, 1756, Henry Francis enlisted in the Virginia Militia during the French and Indian War. He appeared on several lists as being in Captain Christopher Gist's company during 1756. In 1757, his name appeared as a Corporal on rosters of Captain Robert Spotswood's company. "Size Rolls" for these companies indicated his age, that he was 5' 7" tall, dark, well-set, and that he had black hair. He had enlisted from Frederick county, Virginia, and gave his "country" as Maryland. The first list gives his occupation as shoemaker; the second as a planter, listing his "country" as Prince William county.

#2 alderon


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Posted 05 December 2014 - 05:26 PM

Just a thought: what about entries in the "To Do" list?  For a few dozen or less, it should be easy enough to track.


#3 TomH


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Posted 05 December 2014 - 05:32 PM

You can use the Note for any event and mark the event for that person Private. In Reports, do not include Private facts. 


You can enter this text in the Note for a non-private event, surround it with privacy braces "{...}" and use Report Settings to suppress private notes.


You could create a custom fact type, call it, say, "Private Note" and disable its outputs as desired.

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#4 GeoffB



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Posted 08 December 2014 - 05:05 AM

Tom's suggestions are, of course, very helpful in terms of plain text but unless I have misunderstood, although the text of a URL can be typed or pasted into any Note or To Do List, they are not recorded as 'hyperlinks'.  The WebTag feature does enable URLs to be associated with a person but 1) they are then not associated with any particular event (other than generally to a person, place or citation), and 2) are not included within a report (though I note that Cumberland was not wanting that in this instance).


I guess there must be a programming difficulty with incorporating an active URL or hyperlink into a Note field.  In my opinion, it would be a very valuable enhancement were it possible to do this - with the option of being able to apply 'privacy braces' where appropriate - not least since this would allow various media items and data held outside Rootsmagic to be accessible from reports and thereby overcoming the current inability to include more than one item in a report.

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#5 Renee Zamora

Renee Zamora

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Posted 09 December 2014 - 11:12 AM

Confirming enhancements to the WebTags are in our tracking system.


The Research Log items can have WebTags added to them. So you could use that feature.


The Source citation can have WebTags. You could add a fact that you either mark private or exclude from reports for that fact type, and attach that source to it. Then when you want to go back to the link you can access it through the source citation.


The Person WebTags do have a Note section that you could add that information to or make reference to a specific fact that it belongs to.