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Improve Reports & Publisher Inconsistencies

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Posted 24 November 2014 - 02:58 PM

  1. Reports > Family Group Sheet... allows one to check the boxes for multiple families (all families, laboriously) and outputs a report for all the selected families with a common Index of Names and a common Index of Places:
    1. It would facilitate selection if there were options to
      1. Select all families
      2. Select by Husband Surname, Wife Surname
      3. Select by filtering on fields
    2. Reports > Publisher only allows one Family Group Sheet for one family to be added at a time. It should offer the same selection range as for Reports > Family Group Sheet for multiple families.
  2. Reports > Individual Summary allows one (via People to include > Select from list) to select any number of people to be output in a common report for which there is neither an Index of Names nor an Index of Places:
    1. There should be Index options as for Family Group Sheets and other reports, for both Names and Places.
    2. Reports > Publisher only allows one Individual Summary for one Person to be added at a time. It should offer the same selection range as for Reports > Individual Summary for multiple people.
    3. Reports > Publisher Indexes coverage should extend to cover Individual Summary. 
  3. There is inconsistency in the "Select families"/"People to include" dialogs in these reports.
    1. To the right of the "Select... " dropdown list is the two-head icon. If clicked on first, only one person/family can be selected. 
    2. If "Select from list" is selected, the multiple selection dialog is opened. 
    3. If the two-head icon is clicked after the "Select from list" screen, it now opens the same multiple selection screen. 
    4. The two-head icon appearing in the Individual Summary setting implies selection of multiple people so the icon is wrong if the intention is to restrict the choice to one person OR it should always open the multiple selection dialog. 
    5. In Publisher, settings for these report types do not have the "Select from list" option and the two-head icon always opens the single selection dialog.  
  4. Little is said about the use of Sentence Template variables in Report Titles in the Help System. Under the topic "Report Settings", it says "Title – modify the title for the report.  You may include the following fields in the title: [Person] and [Couple] which will expand to the name of the starting person or couple in the report.":
    1. A useful amplification of that would be to illustrate or reference the use of the :Reverse modifier for surname first order which follows the output order for multiple persons or families.
    2. When used in report Titles, these name variables should conform to the File Options setting for Number to display after Names.
    3. A desirable extension to the Sentence Template Language would be variables for Record Number, Reference Number and FamilySearch ID that could be used in Report Titles and elsewhere.

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Posted 16 December 2014 - 01:01 PM

Confirming enhancement requests are in our tracking system.


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